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Wondering how another Epic Seven "senpai" in gacha games survived until now [3]

Idc if you tell me im defending the devs or 

what.. like please go ahead and roast me

I dont really get the point on giving bad reviews on Google Store Play.. everyone has been saying devs are killing their own game.. but those reviewers.. you guys are killing the game.. you will say it is because the devs are not listening to its players.. and again, how is giving bad reviews on Play Store gonna help ? What if the game is out from Play Store ? Most game really starting off bad with their community but Epic Seven Community is just too much.. if you don't like the game as it is now you know you can leave the game right ? 

Just my ranting but feel free to roast me.. I played several gacha games before this and by far Epic Seven is one of the most friendly in terms of RNG..

I played SW for like 6 months and after some recommendation for trying E7 its like *** SW? How do you survive from such horrible RNG? 

The rng is just way more toxic than E7, in terms of equipment and units

And i quickly thought why is SW not dead yet ? How are they doing it?

Maybe Epic Seven devs need to know how they are doing it..

Or maybe those whiners who give low rates on Play Store are also moving from another game and wished Epic Seven would be so much better ? Too much expectation ? Might be it 

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    2019.12.02 08:16 (UTC+0)

    Let me tell you this, I seriously don't know if this might apply in gaming industry, but at least on business perspective, it's better to retain old loyal customer, rather finding new one. So that remark "if you dont like the game, just leave" is very dangerous statement. As far as i know, getting loyal customer(ofc that spends monthly) isn't easy. Sometimes to get your point across as customer might be really hard, so if people band together like this, it's just easier. IMO, RNG is the least thing to worry, more about QOL and promises that the dev's gives, which until today, the arent able to keep up.

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    2019.12.02 08:25 (UTC+0)

    tbh, for me, QoL are the least of my worries, they butcher WB like that and that made me rage so bad, and its still seething currently, what prevent them from butchering other content?

    for bad reviews thing its already answered above, most likely SW still survived because its still one of the first game of its kind, so loyal customer there still spend since they are still stable, doing ok and spend to fill few gaps that are coming with each update plus their PR might be good

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    2019.12.02 09:40 (UTC+0)

    Because SW was released in 2014 where there's little to no competitors and there's no established standard for gacha mobile games yet. Also, GBF was still in Japanese so global market haven't really touched that game yet. Most of the people left in that game were already playing for so long that they think it's better if they keep on playing. My first gacha game was Seven Knights and i'm still playing that game till now even when there's a lot of games with better features (Although they also improved a lot).

    It's 2019 now, and when people say you should deal with a new game's fault just because a 5 yrs old game able to walk past it then it's just plain foolish. The standard for good gacha games will rise every years and devs need to improve their game instead of living in the glory of the past.

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