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Disappointing patches for new "content", I share how I would design end game [2]

Okay hear me out on this one. This rant is going to be HEAVILY inspired off the successful game Darkest Dungeon.

End game PvE atm is just hell raid, but you can auto that and the drop rates are terrible, let's expand on that.

Instead of a guaranteed path every time, there's a mode where's the maze is randomly generated. You start at one spot and the end portal is randomly placed in the map. You can buy supplies before hand, like the 2 potions we have (and don't use cause it's worthless) at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Smoke bombs to get out of a fight, bandage's to remove bleed, antidote to remove poison, herbs for any non damaging debuffs, shovels to remove obstacles, and so much more. Of course, these supplies should be limited to inventory space and be more expensive the more of one supply you buy. 

So how does this pan out? You gain like 1 entry and day and stacks up to 3, can refresh for 30-100 SS. You go in and the first level is easy. Every time you get to an end portal you're given options to either keep exploring the level, go deeper (and increase the difficulty), or leave and reap rewards. Of course, if you happen to die before hitting these check points you lose all rewards and lose the entry.

Random encounters: random chest in corridors for loot depending on the level you're at. Healing and soul alters, random merchants so you can use the gold in the dungeon to restock on supplies, increasing in price the more of of the supply you are buying to prevent cheese. Bosses appear depending on current situation. If you have a LOT of gold, there's a boss in Darkest Dungeon that appears to kick your face in for greeding too hard, however, if you beat the boss, you can gain very unique pieces of a gear and high gold profits, future increasing the odds you get ****** by this guy on later levels. There's a boss that's is completely optional and you don't even have to see this monstrosity at all if you play correctly, and it's called the Shambler.

To keep this mode fresh, can can cycle between themes and encounters weekly or monthly, allowing it so that new bosses can be added in future updates.

Why is this a good feature? 


Unable to be macro'ed. An interactive game mode. 

I would throw my money at the screen for this. I don't care how expensive it is per entry, I will no life this mode.

Thank you for reading if you got this far. I hope you all agree with this type of mode being added.

Of course, we as a community needs to take a step back and allow the devs to properly fine tune bosses instead of how we all reacted to pre-nerfed tower.

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    2019.12.03 05:12 (UTC+0)

    Interesting idea but I think the status removing items are pointless since you should have a cleanser on the team. Also please clarify the part about losing all rewards and entry if a checkpoint isn't reached. Is this checkpoint the end portal? How far can you go with one entry. Can you do multiple levels in one entry? Also by lose the entry do you mean the currency is lost or do you just have to start over? Also when you lose all items is it just for that level or all levels in that run? 

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