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Game is dying [5]

I am really worried for this game. Most people are leaving and it’s really getting bad reviews on google play store (not on apple store right now). I think at this rate this game is gonna die. I really don’t want it to die. The art is amazing and you get attached to characters so fast . I know the last patch was literally trash but I still don’t want this game to die. It has so much potential and it can do so much. I really want the devs to do something fast, idc about getting the compensation or not but I want this game to have that hype again it had a few months ago.

So please SG, this is not a complaint but a request that you should take into account, save this game. Listen to what players are complaining about and fix it . I know it will take time but please do it. This is the only game I have played for some months now( I don’t usually get hooked to games for that long and this is the only game I have on my device). I really don’t want it to die.....

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    2019.12.02 04:42 (UTC+0)

    I know people are upset and want to call SG greedy and hateful to its players... but I've always felt like they do put a lot of work into this game. Don't be pressured by how the community handles the changes, just enjoy yourself. People who leave leave for their own reasons, but that doesn't mean the game is pre-destined to die yet. Just relax and don't be anxious! I support them as well, and hopefully they fix some things. Nowhere to go but up from here.

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    2019.12.02 04:58 (UTC+0)

    sg decided to close game in late jan. epic8 will be VR FPS game. bye dudes

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    2019.12.02 05:54 (UTC+0)

    No the game wont die, they will get less money that all.

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    2019.12.02 06:26 (UTC+0)

    No one wants it to die but if SG doesn't do anything people will leave for good.

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