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Hey there! 

I'm just going to put my suggestions down:

  • Equipment Conversion System
    • As it is... I know that it would be hard to go back to rework the frame of this new system and having to take into account what kind of compensation is fair to players when you DO rework it. This is a problematic thing and I can only imagine how it would feel as a developer to have to change it. Here are the things I feel could be balanced better for players:
      • Reduce the amount of equipment to reach epic status... 
        • (come on... 10 lvl 85 gear isn't enough to reach epic grade on it's own?)
      • Allow us to select the class of the equipment at the very least instead of making it RNG.
        • (we're already throwing away gear we had to grind for. at the very least let us fuse for the classes we hate grinding or need instead of making the hunt experience worse.)
      • Create additional gems that drop during hunts that you could use to control 2 substats. 
        • (this would make the hunt experience more rewarding when looking forward to the conversion system at the least!)
  • Pet System
    • I feel that having pets at all is still a bonus in whatever currency you're trying to get and I like that even without homemade snacks you get the bonus to the levels you bring them on. However there are some things that could be changed or added:
      • Have pets open chests automatically - even without homemade snacks.
        • (come on... as if it's that big of a change. I'm not even asking for it to auto-battle without homemade snacks-- I just want it to open all the damn chests. That's annoying.)
      • Put homemade snacks in the lobby for more consistency.
        • (we already have to supply the energy ourselves. At the very least make it show up in the shop? I hate how many two star monsters are in there.)
      • Failure to synthesize... needs to go away.
        • (If pets weren't so expensive to buy their adoption tickets maybe this wouldn't be a big issue. But the food for pets is EXPENSIVE! At the very least for how much work we put into our own pets... don't make them fail at all.)
  • World Boss
    • 20 Energy is a pretty steep amount of energy to consume and the only thing I would look forward to getting are catalysts and those new elemental summon bookmarks. Here's what we need from you:
      • Make the prizes different in each rank - rework the prizes entirely.
        • (I feel this panders to new players and makes it so their C rank has a good chance of getting what S rank can get. It's unfriendly to make everything so accessible and it feels like for endgame players putting extra time into their teams... the prizes are not even worth our effort to get that SSS rank. DON'T BE AFRAID TO MAKE PEOPLE WORK FOR THE GOOD DROPS BY INCREASING THEIR RANKS.)
        • (Some of these prizes are garbage. 6K gold is garbage-- take it out. Make it WORTH our time to want to do this. Right now it feels like a waste of energy I could be using on other aspects of the game.)
      • Skip intro animation.
        • (I don't care about this new animation. Let me turn it off.)
      • Rewards for ranking on the global scale- guild wise.
        • (It would be cool for everybody to get rewarded for participating when the season ends by saying like top 10% get *** as a prize. 10-25% get *** as a prize... etc. I feel this would be a nice addition and it may be in the works as this is pre-season.)
  • Thanks:
    • For updating the Rune & Catalyst lists. I like that it only shows what I have. The order these are displayed can always be debated but this is better than it was last time.
    • Moonlight Lidica was hard to drop. I felt Mystics were nerfed just like pulling the Mystics in Lobby was nerfed. I wonder if this was true... because it took a LOT of summons. But that might be my ****** RNG luck.
  • Some other suggestions:
    • Put the 4-5 elemental bookmarks in the Automaton Tower!
    • Is there an issue with Hell Raid? Maybe fix that... (I don't raid but it's a voiced concern.)
    • UHM... Where is that Epic Monthly Pass with skins??? I LOVED this. Please bring this back ASAP!
    • PLEASE expand how much equipment and character slots we can buy. We need more with all the new content. PLEASE!!

Until next time,


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    2019.12.02 08:09 (UTC+0)

    Pretty good ideas. Now if they would only listen 

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    2019.12.02 09:06 (UTC+0)

    If only they understood english. Y'know, them being a korean company and all. Everytime SG say "We've heard all your feedbacks", they probably meant the feedback from korean gamers and korean blogs whatever that is.

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    2019.12.02 09:20 (UTC+0)

    I'm sure some of them do understand English 

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