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Pet, Autogrind, Stamina and sth new [5]

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My last post is https://page.onstove.com/epicseven/global/board/list/e7en013/view/4324799
I have talked about recent problem which are World Boss and Gear conversion. Now, gonna talk about Pets, Auto grind and Energy. And some new systems as well

Pet and Auto grind

I think the grind is too limited. As you know that your system didn't solve the problem for ppl using macro and didn't adequately increase the QoL. So I'd like to take this. I'll talk about autogrind then go to pet upgrade

1. Autogrind
The way you gated is too ----- stingy. Homemade snacks is too rare and there's no way to get except the salty box from world boss and the random drop from adventures. so this is my solution.
- Time Gated

Still use homemade snack, but instead of using that per round. I'd like to make it "per hour" instead. Like, if I feed my pet 1 snack, I can use auto grind for 1 hour. So now the problem is solved, You can only use 24 snacks per day unless you live on Mars. And there is no one willing to grind 24/7 due to lack of stamina and sleep, lol.

- Craftable snack
There should be more ways to get this too. I'll talk it on my "new system"

2. Pet upgrade
I didn't bother much on pet upgrade since it didn't have much impact on my life, but ppl who try upgrading 4* pets are so disappointed where it failed. So this is a little solution for me.

- Psudo Random system (Adapt from Dota2)
Psudo random is like, increase the chance of sth to be succeed each tries if it failed. It is still fail-able but I think it is better than looking forward and you don't see the future of getting 4 or 5* pet at all. This system should be in gacha as well. This might increase your profit since the whale can feel like "Hey! I paid, and I get something." The old system give no reward at all if you are not whale enough to pity level which is too much for someone.

3. Energy
I know that you wanna gate the grind with energy, but do you think that we have so limited energy per day. For me, a pack buyer can have energies from these without using leif.
- Pack : 70
- Friend pts : 40
- Web event : vary but currently is 100 guaranteed
- Arena point : 120
- Arky : 100
Total - 420 without calculating regen

It looks much but not everyone wanna use arena point to buy stamina and looking at how salty we are in hunting for good gears. We probably need more. Especially if you made the auto system like the above.

- More stamina on leif
Now leif give us 80 stam per leif. Maybe you might wanna increase it into full restore or at least 120 per leif. Still some of my friends still complaining that they lack of leif, I'll talk about this in new system.

- Merge both monthly packs and sell on a batch at $5 - $10
As the pack buyers myself, The current pack are separated into $5 and $10. $15 per month is not much for me but if I see all the games I play, your subscription is the most expensive of all games I play on mobile and the reward is --- 30 gems/day and 70 stam/day.

Remember, cheaper products can attract more ppl to buy. that's how your country mobile phone Samsung, winover Apple in term of market share cuz they made cheaper phone with almost the same specs.

For me, I buy the packs to support you, the dev. But I think that $15 per month is too much for someone. If you make it $5 - $10 with both pack combined, I think there gonna be more ppl buying.

- 70 stam/day?? --> Make it leif
I think 70 per day is too less, how about you change it into 1 leif per day instead. At least it's 10 more for now. If it combined with leif change above, gonna be 50 more per day. And if it a merge pack too!!! I'd buy a year subscription lol.


One day I reread the old story and I noticed that, Ezera have such a beautiful garden. Hey!! Why don't we put gardening to our system. It could be in Ezera or Dun Blyralia (Can't remember the home of elves name, sry)

Ezera Garden
Flower Zone - Leif Zone - Fruit Zone

Flower Zone, it is where the flowers grows ---- Flowers can be used to give to your heroes to increase their affections. Flowers can also be crafted into perfume, increase the gold, exp or drop rate buff.

Leif Zone
The sacred seed was given from Dun B___ to Ezera to celebrate the victory against Archdemon, Provide passive leif everyday

Fruit Zone
King (Queen) Aither favorite fruit as he let the animals go in to eat some. Fruits can be collected to craft snacks or food for pets.

Upgrading Garden
I have been thinking that if we should use Breath of Orbis, It'd be a long long time before new map and continent is open as we can get more breath. So if this will be implement after EP2 is done, should be breath, if not --- I suggest we water everyday to make trees grow instead.

3 Upgrades
Fertilizer - Reduce the time we wait to harvest by 10/20/30 %
Stocks - Increase the stack size
Magic Leaf - Give a chance to gain bonus production by 15 / 30 / 50 %

NEW Chara concept (continue)
As I suggest Necromancer last time, so now I have make it

Name : ______________ (up to you, I'm not the creator lol)
Class : Mage
Element : ____________ (maybe dark, or green, or Fire)
Zodiac : ___________
Origin : Erasia --- Land of Vampy
Mechanic : Power gauge, Summon and command

His dad was killed by the Unknown, ______ was trying hard to revive his dad. After studying the Lore of Ritania about Kayron's Undead Army. He studied further into the art of Necromancy and became the lord of undead. Proving the threat to vampire kingdom.

S1 : Death Spike / Skeleton Strike
- Fire a spike from his staff, Increase the Skeleton Gauge by 10. The gauge is doubled when critical hit

+ Command the skeletons to attack the target, have a 35% (50%) chance to inflict def break (Mola - Dmg, eff, dmg, eff, dmg)

S2 : Death Cloak / Death Protection -- Passive
- As Lord of Death, Every turn will increase his Skeleton gauge by 10. Every death on the field further increase his Skeleton gauge by 20, Increase his def by 15% (Mola to 30%)

+ As long as there are skeleton on the field, He will have permanent Invincibility that cannot be dispel

S3 : Raise Dead (Awakening)
- When Skeleton gauge reach 100, Call upon the fallen souls to raise as his army. Skeleton have stats proportional to the caster. Skeleton last for 3(4) turn, and can call max 2 skeletons. (Refund 20 skeleton point after use. Refund 10 point per skeleton die)

Soulburn 20 - Grant Extra turn

That's all for my crazy ideas and imagination for today, lol.

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    2019.12.01 15:35 (UTC+0)

    BESTWay better than the patch notes that i read from SG in the past few month. It shows that this game have a lot of potential if handled correctly. Instead what do we get? An excessively complex system that create more problems than it solves.

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    2019.12.01 15:35 (UTC+0)

    Way better than the patch notes that i read from SG in the past few month. It shows that this game have a lot of potential if handled correctly. Instead what do we get? An excessively complex system that create more problems than it solves.

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    2019.12.01 15:45 (UTC+0)

    I somehow don't like the Ezera garden zone.It seems like it can be messed up if implemented. 

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    작성자 2019.12.01 21:41 (UTC+0)

    @STOVE84198923 Thanks, normally I didnt do this but yeah!! just to show them that there're more better ways to improve it. Some system dont have to be so complicated, some system should be. Some example can be learned from competitors, that's why Samsung have smartphones after Steve Jobs opened the smartphone concept.

    @STOVE90931682 It's just the 2nd Heart of Orbis that grow leif and some new mats, currencies. At least what I want it to be lol

    Feel free to comment, someday I might work for them if they hire me, just kidding haha

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    2019.12.01 22:37 (UTC+0)

    https://page.onstove.com/epicseven/global/main/view/4323339?listType=3 pls support this post, only way to make SG to understand their mistakes.

    its working little by little, they will notice their ship its sinking.

    3.6 review in google play at the moment.

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    작성자 2019.12.01 23:20 (UTC+0)

    I'd like to help, but it is reflect the current situation indeed --- it's up to the dev to make themselves and this game out of the mess
    Still, ppl can totally ignore the new system and play like before. There's no point to just go and give 1* ----- maybe it's better this way just to filter non-reader out lol

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