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Changes needed for next update!

Every since the automation tower update you've added alot more features like:

Automation tower



World boss

Equipment forging


But every time you do you always make it to where the next week(s) you have to either buff the rewards or tweak it to make it to an "ok" level. 

You have to make it easier to get the pet snacks increase the drops rate or something 

The equipment forging is so complicated make it easier to understand , I'm an end game player and I dont see myself using this feature anytime soon since I cant even get the materials to do so

Automation tower: here i thought itll be like summoners wars itll be challenging but the rewards will be worth it( ohh I can auto this to floor 100 without a sweat and the rewards and ehh ok) please do something about this 

My biggest issue WORLD BOSS

not only did you limit us to 3 attacks only but you make it so complicated on how you get points it just dosent make sence

The rewards? Like do I even have to comment about this for yall t ok understand how **** these rewards are? 6k gold? Wow 

The world boss dosent even have a "health bar" more like a timer it dosent feel like your fighting a boss 

Give us something like unlimited attacks but each attack costs 30energy so we can compete with guilds and players on who does more damage makes it more fun

Make it somewhat simpler on the point system 

And give the world boss and actual health bar and the more we attack itll actually go down not just when the timer runs out 

(look at how monster warlord did their world boss it's a great way unlimited chances to attack as long as you have energy and the amount of points you get from it is plain and simple) please look up monster warlord and learn how to make the world boss better 

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