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  • 2019.12.01 04:19 (UTC+0)
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This is post from Jeff Jonathan on Epic Seven International FB Group.

So I just paste everything here because I'm totally agreed with his opinion.

Okay....i dunt want to just complain and complain and yet dont give any feedback about the game. So here is my point: (warning long essay, spent like 20 minues writing these shit). Also open for discussion lol.


  1. Pet system is too expensive, also with RnG. But the biggest problem of it is snack, coz u need it for auto repeat. Just give players unlimited, proper auto repeat like other games, what so hard about it? U realize many ppl still use macro right? If u still want to keep snack, at least give ppl 30-40 snacks daily or something for free from daily mission.
  2. World boss. I know u guys take feature from SW for this, but its not even good system to begin with, try to look at kings raid on how to properly do world bosses. At least give ppl option to manually play it. Give em like 3-5 turns to do dmg to boss, also add auto option for ppl who dont want to play manually
    Also increase the rewards. If u want to give gold or runes, sure, but make it like 30k each instead of 6k and 20 small runes instead of just 5. Also raise the chance of getring good rewards the higher rank u got.
  3. Stamina and gold problem, u guys keep pumping up uses of stamina and gold yet not giving ppl enough. So here is my take: 1. Make it full refill for both skystones and leif. 2. Give more stamina with daily quest and friendship point change (like 200 instead of just 40).
    For gold, there are many takes u can do about it. From reducing pet and enchancement cost OR give something like daily gold dungeon where players can get gold like at very least 500k daily or something. Or even implement all of the above is even better, can also give more gold to daily missions and WB, and bunch other contents u can give em gold drop (except hunt).
  4. Gear conversion and gear problem in general. The sub rng and high low rolls.....while i hate it, i think its still fine. Its what makes E7 unique, u still get satisfaction when u get good gear. But problem is, its too hard to get decent gear coz bunch of reason: stamina, hunt drop rates, enchancement cost, crafting, and now conversion too.


Here is my take for it: 

#. Make hunt better. Increase drop rate for mats to like 2x permanently (not including drop up sometimes) and for heroic and epic gear even further. And remove those random drops from hunt, if u dont want to increase it. If u want to increase it (this list for hunt 11): make it drop 4 bookmarks instead of 1-2, 20 skystones instead of mere 5, 5 powders instead of 1, and 25-30 mystics instead of just 7. Tho maybe those number kinda too high for just 20 stamina so i just think u better remove em instead and drop gear only.

#. For conversion, atm is okay, u can choose type and main stat is good, just reduce the cost to like 1/3 at least to get lvl 85 epic gear (at least 1 +15 sacrificed), and remove type restriction so u can choose all types regardless of what u foddered. Note u can keep the cost aka 2 gear +15 but only if u making enchancing gear far easier (less gold, and give more charms)

#. Add rerolls sub like kings raid did. u can do it with restriction. Like 2 or 3 rerolls max per gear, with skystones as a cost (maybe like 50 per reroll).

#. Give ppl way more stamina to play hunt. Also give ppl better gold + reduce enchancment cost (like i mentioned on previous point way above), so they can keep trying to enchance gear to get the ones they wanted.

#. In this case, like i mention above, lowhigh roll and RnG which sub gonna enchance can be kept as it is. So u still get satisfaction when rolling good gear.

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