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Pet, Equip Conversion and World Boss Suggestion [5]

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  • MenZKung[MenZKung]
  • 2019.12.01 02:46 (UTC+0)
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Since the lastest patch released, many players complain about all new systems.  These systems are bad design and too focus on reduce players resources.  This suggestion is very long but I but SC/SG read it.  Here my suggestion.

Pet System

- Pet Snack :  if you still not confident about remove pet snack, (1st) make pet auto chest without snack require and snack only for auto repeat.  

(2nd) If remove pet snack and you really scare that players will not look at your game, you can add limit time per day for auto repeat like 30 times. Then add current monthly pack an auto repeat buff (pack with 30 skystones and stamina per day).  Each pack increase 5 or 10 times per day.

- Synthesis Fail :  I still not sure about this.  I understand in term of business pet rarely give any money if it doesn't have fail chance.  But delete pet when fail is too much punishment especially when 3* 4* pet.  How about reduce 1* when synthesis fail? After fail this pet, will don't have any skills because skills already transfer. Then when players synthesis it star back, they have one chance to random 1 new skill before upgrade star again.

Auto chest/repeat summary : Add easier or free auto battle has pro & con.  Yes, players will spend less time looking at Epic 7 while auto but this will help your player who has busy life want to play your game more as well.  And they can focus time on other contents like PVP, Hall of Trial, World Boss(after fix) and other future contents that hard or can't auto like RTA, new laid and ETC.


Equipment Conversion

This system isn't that bad and I think it already have good design.  The RNG sub stats is ok and it should be like that.  The only main problem is the "CRAZY COST" to craft.  The main point of this system is for players who salty from hunt. They can use trash gears for convert to good gear. So +15 2 trash gears is unreasonable and you already limit twice a month. So players can't craft many insane gears anyway.

Change : Just reduce exp that need to craft down 50%. Even if player get bad sub stats, I think most players can admit with the cost. The current cost is too much.

EDIT - Maybe player can select LV gear they want? Higher gear more EXP need.  So player can use lv70 gears or lower for 85 gear craft.


World Boss

Umm... why this system become brainless idle heroes system? only calculate CP and bonus?  Players want some challenge and fun to play system, not this.

Battle System

 - Use normal battle system but with 16 units.  Players can control or auto there units.

 - Boss has stats but no HP

 - Have limit turns like 10, 15 or 20 turns. Every boss turn count as 1.

 - Each team will have special unit call "Vanguard" in the front position. This unit will receive %dmg from other 3 allies same as Aurius.  Player can turn on/off vanguard option in each team.  This is the reason for tank exist in World Boss. So player need to balance dmg and survive.

 - Hero S2 and S3 will not show animation. Only show there image, skill icon and skill name. If we have to see 16 animation, I will go to sleep first -*-

 - Skill that buff team or target teammate will only apply in team (4 units).

 - Player have HP potions that can use to heal and remove debuff from one select team.  This potion will help player in emergency situation or team without healer.  But HP potion has limit use.

 - Reduce bonus %from elemental and classes because we need to set hero skills and strategy. So main score come from our strategy.



 - Boss have low stats at start and become stronger each turn.  At 2nd half, boss will have 100% stats til end.  This will make new players have chance to do some score.

 - Boss will have variety of attack like 1.) Fang - attack 1 team 2.) Roar - debuff all or 2-3 team 3.) lighting - deal dmg all team 4.) Self buff and ETC

 - Each round (3 days), boss will change it skill like Roar skill with atk down this round and next round change to def down, stun, blind.  Change attack pattern, 1st turn use fang attack but next round use roar first but players can view which skill boss will use next in turn bar.  So they can prepare heal or immunity.

 - After last turn, you will see giant dog jump and end


 - Damage you can deal

 - Bonus from element unit count and classes (same as current)

 - Survival. The more unit left at last turn, the more bonus.

 - Some bonus dmg same as Hall of Trial but less focus.  Like this round boss receive 20% more dmg from AOE.

Reward : I think current rewards isn't bad for twice a day system except gold and runes. The higher rewards are already good but I don't know about %drop rate so I don't comment about it.  So just increase pity reward.

 - Gold 15 - 30K depend on grade.  SSS get 30K

 - Greater rune x 3 (add in current rune drop rate)

 - Epic rune x 1 (add in current rune drop rate)

 - Per Snack x 3 (if still not remove)

 - Stamina x 15

 - Skystone x 10

 - Mystic bookmark x 10

If World Boss system change this way, change from twice a day to ONCE A DAY because it take time.  But increase chests.  SSS get 13-14 chests and lower grade get fewer.  Players still need to build many heroes for match bonus and strategy in each round. So I sure this will benefit company more than current CP calculate in long term.


I hope to see some change.  I know company need profit to run but if you too much focus on reduce player resources without resonable reason or equal reward for exchange.  This will make players upset and when that come even players don't have enough resources. They still not pay for it because it's not fun and happy at all.  Sometime even players have enough resources, they still pay to buy more or for support game because they're happy with it.  We play game for fun, enjoy and release stress not recieve more stress. 

I really love this game and want to play it loooooooong (but not sure with 10 years -*-)  I hope Epic 7 to be great again and thank you for reading this long post.

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    2019.12.01 03:53 (UTC+0)

    I was thinking of making a post similar to yours but decided to hang out instead. I think your ideas are a bit similar to mine. I think the world boss should have 3 thresholds so it could progressively get harder so it could be challenging for the older players and newer players will feel the need to get stronger to get a better score. In addition, I think world boss should change into a Co-op mission for guild, friends or random players to join. Why not have 3 teams of 3 different players? Add a search for a random player or invite function. The reward’s system should be more appealing. 15-30k gold? Why not 100k and limit the gold we have a chance to get from the reward? Greater rune x 5 epic rune x3. Pet crap shouldn’t be in the drop table. Pet crap should be removed. Stamina would be nice but just 15?

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    작성자 2019.12.01 04:26 (UTC+0)

    @Shoringer  About Co-op mission, maybe make it as optional(single or co-op) or another WB? Because not everyone have time to wait to play with friend/guild everyday.  Make one as single + borrow guild team and another WB for real time Co-op.

    About rewards, 15-30K gold and 15 stamina isn't low a all.  Maybe you forgot something? it's per chest not per time/round and you can play WB everyday.

    If you get 10 gold chests, you will get 300K gold and WB use 20 stamina same as hunt.  So how 30K gold per chest is low? same as stamina.  I think it really really good reward even only once a day.  If it's 100K per chest, 10 chests mean you get 1M gold for 20 stamina? That's insane except dev lower gold chest drop chance down to the ground.

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    2019.12.01 05:20 (UTC+0)

    @MenZKung Isn’t the cost to level up 1 piece of 85 gear to + 15 roughly 1.1mil? I guess to make it fair I’ll settle with the 30k. I don’t think Wb should cost energy either but hey  . I would like the world boss to be a optional co-op experience. I like the chance to get hero but maybe rate is ml 5 star summon. I still don’t get why hell raid drops 67 ilvl gear instead of 71-78 and best drops remain 88. I'm still pretty new to this game but I could understand the frustration older players(and those who spend) may have for this game. 

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    2019.12.01 12:42 (UTC+0)

    This community should have more post like this, I did mine few days ago

    For me, I think the skill scene is one of the best part of the game ---- so I'm not sure if we should skip it
    My solution is reduce the world boss team size to 8 person only with 4 sup from our guildmates. I think that not many ppl have 12 - 16 chara full geared, awakened and mola-ed (consider how hard to just build that perfectly lol) ---- newer player can also take part in since the number of unit requirement are not much, or just separate the difficulty to suit their level and performance. The game has this system already in every side stories

    The other part of world boss, I totally agree. I have been salty again today seeing my S rank guildmates got 2 big element summon but me SSS got 30k gold and few common runes
    But my solution on reward box is I separate the box so ppl can guaranteed get bookmark like GW, but in bookmark box there're all kind of it. We spend our RNG in summoning already

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    작성자 2019.12.01 13:05 (UTC+0)

    @GenieB  Thank you, I think it better to give suggestion instead of only complain but don't tell the reason on why this is a problem or how to fix it.  We already complain enough and dev already know about it.  So more complain isn't help or fix anything -*-

    Animation - there are 2 reasons why I suggest no animation in this mode (base with 16 units)

    1.) It take too much time to see all units animation. If use all S3 in 1 turn, only that turn will take a minutes or more for animation.

    2.) For 16 units with zoom out view (current world boss camera view), the animation will zoom in/out several time when we use skill and it easier to view all units HP with zoom out.  Or maybe they make normal view in player turn and zoom out in boss turn?

    I think 12 units and 4 borrow is fine for World Boss.  Dev want players to built many heroes in this mode from the beginning anyway.  Just change from twice a day to once a day.  So only 12 units not 24 units.

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