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Energy problem [4]

I don't know we're to put these

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    2019.12.01 02:12 (UTC+0)

    yet here i am, wanting more of those for my hunts and catalyst and automaton. i envy you hehe

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    2019.12.01 02:31 (UTC+0)

    I know what to do, use your 10 pet snacks you got this week. Problem solved, no more excess energy

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    2019.12.01 03:29 (UTC+0)

    Good problem to have. Just collect them when you get down to less than a day on "time left."

    Also Automaton Tower has reset. we have gold buff. I suggest you burn a few to get through the tower.

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    2019.12.03 15:24 (UTC+0)

    energy need to be infinite

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