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Dear developers and management [3]

  • 2019.12.01 00:44 (UTC+0)
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These are the top 3 concerns..

1. Gold source that doesn't melt your energy every 7 runs. (3 runs for 1 leif). Gold is really scarce because the cost of everything is so damn high. Maybe they could lower the enhance cost if it fails(lands on flat subs, or got lower rarity in steelworkshop, like rebate system maybe.

2. Energy recharge for 1 leif to be increased. (More stamina means more play time). You can't play for 10 years with having energy to always deplete. it's either increase the recharge value of leif, or lower the energy cost for runs.
You can't "Play the animation" if your energy is zero.

3. GUILD WARS reward...need i say more for these? Top guild disband..(I'm not at the top, but it's really discouraging to see top players/guild feeling this way)

additionals are just with the recent added system and i think can be fix/improve in a later date:

4. Pet system. Remove the snack system, or have free snacks together with the daily login reward or update/put snacks in the daily reputation. What the concern with the snack before about how it drops in the hunt is not that it's not good to be in hunt, it's that fact that it hunt shouldn't reward you with snack alone if it drops there.

5. World boss.
6. Hell Raid update.
7. UI improvement for fodder /hero promotion.
8. Source for silver transmit stone.

it's not all about whinning, it's a constructive suggestion. You won't hear anyone whinning if the game is dead. You can't say that it's a good game if it's dead. You can't say "just have fun" if the game is dead. This group is called "Epic7 INTERNATIONAL"and not "EPIC7 FOR THOSE WHO LIKE IT ONLY INTERNATIONAL" for a reason, so you can't say that "Don't play if you don't like it". It's a group and it's okay to have all this discussions. You can't say "leave if you don't like it, because i enjoy it and just have fun"
Remember, you can't have fun if your game is dead. AND THAT'S WHY WE RANT, We want improvement. We want to make things better and we really want that 10year game. We rant because we care, we want more friends to invite to this game, we want a game we could be proud to show around...
You don't want negativity and want silence?
It will be silent when it's dead.

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    2019.12.01 03:23 (UTC+0)

    Yeah but no matter what E7 dished out. Players would still rant. You guys jumped the gun and got excited at the sound of "pets", "conversion" and "worldboss." No details stated it would be anything different than what you have now. 

    the game isn't dead. your excitement for released content is what died.

    Yes this game need QoL improvements still, but a majority of these issues come from the fact the "playing" part of this game is primarily a grind simulator. The major time sink of this game needs to shift from grinding to something else before you can see desired QoL improvements with gear/gold/stamina.

    Ask for more engaging quality content, and less on the QoL for right now. When the time sink shifts a bit, then players can ask for gearing/gold/stamina QoL (to help complete content within a reasonable time).

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    2019.12.05 09:34 (UTC+0)


    Yes, there are people who would rant. That is as obvious as it gets, I guess. However, you can't say that expectations were derailed by people hallucinating, since these functions were asked for for the reasons that players proposed them to begin with, making it quite obvious they'd expect them to fulfill those hopes they referenced when proposing them.

    I also disagree with your idea on engaging quality content - people are leaving because of the issues stated. They don't care what the new content is (one exception is probably true endgame content - like a finished Hell Raid, or something), which means, whatever they release, as long as the core issues remain, they won't impress anyone, even if the stuff they do release is great.

    You are right with excitement being dead though. But healing that is the development team's work, not ours. We're giving ideas to help out. Barely ever getting a dry footnote that "we've seen it", but nothing beyond is just sad.

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    2019.12.05 11:10 (UTC+0)


    I hope we can agree to disagree then. Nonetheless I have a solid suspicion that hero building is going to become easier, and quickly, after world arena is implemented. I also feel this would have been the case regardless of E7's playstore rating.

    You think engaging content isn't a priority, but i think all the other issues are dependent on the amount of content a game has. I could go into details, but simply put, no end game content, means no reason for players to stay in the game, means no easy or enjoyable experience while grinding to delay reaching end game. 

    ^^^ IF this is the case, dropping engaging content does take priority and should be encouraged so that devs can fully attend to QoL.

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