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Main problem of this game and how to fix it [2]

I spend 5k-6k stamina on W11 in last 2 days,didnt drop anything usable,didnt menage to craft anything usable
50% time u dont even drop gear in first place,u get things like 1 bookmark,1 dust,5 skystones and crap like that

-HUNT: So there is RNG on droping gear in first place,and then there is RNG about lvl of gear, then there is RNG about grade of gear,then there is RNG about stats of gear

-CRAFT:after few hours of farming gold and material on Hunt's now its time to craft some gear and gues what?
more RNG is waiting for you and ONE OF THE MAIN PROBLEMS OF THIS GAME
this is like only game I know for where u cant chose what u want to craft
so again there is RNG on what set u gonna get (this sound so funny),RNG on grade,RNG on stats

STAMINA & GOLD: you are always short on stamina,it looks like devs. dont want you in game for more than 15min per day (thats how much time u need to spend your daily stamina)
with gold its even worse,this game dont have place where you go to farm gold,gold is always like "secondary" drop but its far from enough for your needs, everything cost gold,everything is so expensive
so they put you in magic triangle STAMINA-GOLD-EQUIPMENT u dont have stamina to earn gold,u dont have gold to craft/upgrade gear and at the end no gear-no fun

Devs. u need to understand one thing,this is game,mobile game,your job is to make us happy and in return we gonna give u money for that,simple us that
now go and check last few patch's and ask yourself,did u make happy your comunity ?

this is beautiful game,there are so many hero's in this game,even 3 star hero's are relevant but u cant gear them
u are lucky man if u have like 10 geared hero's
things shoudnt be like that,u are killin' all fun in this game with your greed! STOP IT,WAKE UP and do something before its to late!

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    2019.12.01 00:22 (UTC+0)

    i like this post, but u know what, nothings gonna happen.

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    2019.12.01 03:01 (UTC+0)

    "u are killin' all fun in this game with your greed! STOP IT,WAKE UP"

    Take a moment and think about this. Before you continue to answer any of my questions, please note how long you have been playing the game. 


    You just ranted about the primary aspect/point of keeping the game on/number one reason people spend time playing is too inconsistent. You don't state what it is you consider usable gear. and lastly you ignore the SC made the grind the main aspect of the game. This is where you should be "having fun."

    What you need to realize is that none of this will change unless SC creates another time sink into the game that isn't gear grinding. 

    You need to ask for less QoL crap and ask for more interactive content. Then, you can complain about gearing being too daunting/time consuming. At this point, there really isn't anything to use geared characters for anyway. 

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