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Top ten most heavily requested changes. [22]

Given how disappointing the last "big" buffs and/or changes that e7 has or has not refused to make regarding its content,  I have decided to make a top ten list on the most heavily requested changes ranked least to greatest.
Disclaimer note: this is not a list based on facts its just my list and my opinion on how others view the current state of the game.

#10. Collaboration side story.

I think we can all agree that the collaboration was an outstanding success and was one of the coolest things that SG could have done with its content so I was very thankful for it but it has been quite a while since we last had one and I would be so excited for a new one to come out eventually and not only that I believe the sooner you release a collab the sooner the rage in the players hearts will be quelled.

#9. Buff/ or rework ML ravi. I understand not everyone will agree on this topic so feel free to skip this one if you don't agree. 

As a player who uses ML Ravi I am quite happy to have an Ml 5 star character at all and even happier to have a reliable tank unit. However,  there is not nearly enough that could be said on how ridiculously bad of a trashy job you guys did on build her utility. Her awaking does absolutely nothing different, her kit is weaker than OG ravi and her revive is so situational that its almost pointless to revive anyone in the first place I mean,  seriously? 5% extra health and that's it?  No extra turn or 50% HP for revive just a a slightly larger amount of health that won't keep your unit from being oneshotted into oblivion? There has to be something done about it eventually.

#8 content usage limiters.
Now this is something that I myself have not seen requested but I feel is just as important. The limits put on the new world boss and equipment conversion,  etc are just outrageous. Firstly let's talk about world boss. Its completely rng based and the majority of the time you will almost certainly get crap rewards for your struggles. The rewards are terrible, you can only do world boss twice a day and THERE IS A SKIP BUTTON!!!  I mean *** SG?!  Its like you knew we we're gonna hate it so you let us skip the pointless battles that give even more pointless and useless rewards. What gives. And the same would have to go for equipment conversion. Only twice a month?  Thats pretty harsh, why put such a limitation if players are only gonna roll crap gear and have to wait until next month to get,  oh wait you guessed more crap gear and wait til next month for the same result. Not to mention the cost of it all. It must be changed to better suit the players needs.

#7 world boss rewards.

Now the limitations are bad enough but the rewards are just outrageous. Why would you include equipment,  gold,  and a bunch of stuff we can farm,  anywhere else to get in the way of the good rewards that we really want. Instead of being an rng based drop for rewards make it a selector based rewards. For element summons rewards make it rng based so players still get a summons but its still rng but not feeling cheated. As for gold and equipment, and snacks,  just get rid of them entirely from the rewards. Also include mystic medals within the rewards since there isn't enough mystic medals to go around anyways.

#6 flat stat removal.
This one is a big problem,  for all of us. Flat stats,  wether or not they are main or sub stats are horrible. They hinder our ability to gear characters to our ideal standards. Please change soon.

#5 huche the scam god.
Delete him. Just get rid of him. He is the bane of our existence. The rewards he has could be good...  If they weren't so outrageously expensive. I mean seriously 200 sky stones for 2 silver transmit stones?  Really? That is a huge middle finger to players. I could find huche in the labryinth and get a better deal from there than in the lobby. I could get 50 mystic medals in there for 280,000 gold rather than with skystones. Come on just be a little bit smarter.

#4 pet system rework.

 This one is obvious,  you need to stop monotizing the pets and make them a completely automatic function. Not only that but it must be cheaper. It must be. And the failure rate must be lower or just gone. You guys screwed this up in the worst possible way. We we're so hyped for it but you shat in our faces with it.

#3 epic pass.

This was another one of the great successes that you managed to come up with and I was so incredibly greatful for it when sexy sez and adorable angelica skins came out. I felt awesone when they we're released and I personally saw no problems with how you released them. It was awesome. But you need frequency. you guys should know what the players want but you have yet to deliver. Epic passes can save your game from being rated so low that it never comes back from it. I personally have not rated lower because I love the game myself and the gameplay and the characters and everything. But its things like this that make this game awesome so you must include it more often.

#2 gold and energy.

These two go hand in hand as the most frustrating limitations that players experience. Too much cost or not enough energy to play. These things must absolutely be fixed. This takes the number 2 spot only because...

#1 play the fu$%ing game!  
If you really want this game to truly be the best experience for you players than you will need to play the game yourself so you can experience the same problems we dea l with so you can better understand how to fix it. Now I don't  know wether or not the admins or the guys up on high actually play it them selves but if you do then why the hell haven't you done anything to fix it. It just baffles me.

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    작성자 2019.11.30 22:46 (UTC+0)

    Please feel free to comment on your agreements or disagreements. 

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    2019.11.30 22:47 (UTC+0)

    STOP with this ******** "buff ML Ravi"
    there is so many weak champs. in the game atm,why everyone only spam Ravi Ravi Ravi

    what about lets say Kayron ? one of the main villains in the game and he is definition of crap
    so many SSB (she counter him so hard its not even funny) make him unplayable
    and no u cant build him with imunity bcz now we have **** load of Basars to

    ...but but but..he is fastest unit in the game
    ** that shit,he scale with % of lost hp so u dont build him fast,it doesnt work with his kit
    and one of main problem is,he just dont "hurt",pathetic dmg

    and I can write lil' "story" about every weak hero in the game,so stop spaming about ML Ravis
    she is just drop in the sea of power-creeped heroes

    also u skip main problem in this game,LET US CRAFT SETS WE NEED !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2019.11.30 22:48 (UTC+0)

    Reworks of specific heroes have no place in a discussion about the future of the game. Apart from that, I agree with most of the issues on the list.

    - EDIT- Gear crafting or obtaining gear in general should be easier, to allow for more varied matchups and just more enjoyment for the players. I'ts not fun waiting for a free equip event to **** gear out between heroes and then be a sitting duck for another 2 weeks. It's not fun to get terrible gear all the ******* time and losing a fuckton of money to improve, change or craft the gear we need. Gear is actually the main problem of the game.

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    2019.11.30 23:02 (UTC+0)

    10. No, Collab story wasn't that great. Grind was devastatingly tiresome, Sol was annoying character and Dizzy hurt the game by being OP.

    9. Yes I gree that this particular aspect of her kit could be addressed and that they could give her a small buff.

    8. I don't mind. I'd probably quit if I got another HoT(the worst content of all) to do multiple times a week. Let's appreciate we didn't get another chore of a content.

    7. Yes, there's too much rng in the WB reward system and rewards are a joke given that we spend 20 energy per run and need multiple well-built units to get SSS on on both attempts.

    6.Flat stats are fine. What are you talking about. 

    5.Just ignore him. No one forces you to buy everything especially since the additional stuff doesn't have a discount.

    4. It could be improved.

    2. Definietely. Automaton tower and now WB that we have to do more than once a week are huge energy sinks. Blessed be Destina Event for 100 daily energy. BUt what after that?

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    2019.11.30 23:28 (UTC+0)

    You are either one of the people that has been lied to by those on reddit and youtube into throwing away their valuable resources and have been tricked into complaining here to distract from that, or you are here to cause trouble by repeating something you have heard elsewhere and should be banned.

    Most programmers dont play their own games, you also assumed that one person is speaking for the whole group here. Playtesters and designers play games.

    Most players dont have issues with gold or energy because they have not been lied to, there are many guides by those that are not complaining that tell you how to manage gold and energy.

    This what a bully would write, this person is clearly not here to have a discussion and is here to cause trouble

    Autoplay already exists in the game, judging by the way you phrased this you clearly did not ask for this feature and expected something else, if you asked for this or any feature in this way you do not deserve it. 

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    2019.12.01 02:38 (UTC+0)

    10. no. the Collab, as much as I benefited from it, was one of the more damaging things to player satisfaction. It took too long; left monsters that trivialized the game; and worst part of it is that the monsters can't be touched.

    9. I agree the third awakening is meh, but the s2 crit buff is truly the least useful aspect. It should be changed, she doesn't need a buff, that's all I'll say about it.

    6. I don't know what game you're playing, but Flat stats are amazing for supps/healers. Tama/DJ basar does better with flat hp mains on their right side. ALL units that don't care about attack damage or debuffing should be going for: defense %, speed, Eff Res, and flat hp on their subs for all gears except boots (should be defense %, hp %, Eff Res, and flat hp). not sure who is requesting for this to be removed but they are trying to mess with SW viability.

    5. don't buy from it then. Simple.

    1. Your problems are problems cuz you want more, not cuz it's an actual problem.

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    2019.12.01 03:22 (UTC+0)

    SG/SC : *reading 10 to 1*


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    2019.12.01 19:40 (UTC+0)

    I'm know I'm one of the few, but I personally love the pet system

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