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"Buff" Ml Ravi's s2 crit rate increase [3]

  • DudeWat
  • 2019.11.30 21:59 (UTC+0)
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Ml Ravi's s2 should work like regular Ravi's s2, where the stat increase is independent of the secondary bar and actually comes in the form of permanent stacks gained whenever she attacks of is hit.

The current situation is that if you are building crit dmg on your Ml Ravi you need to shoot for 100% crit rate(if you dont want to randomly miss your crits on your s3 that is). While she does get up to 25% increased crit rate, if she takes a few hits she will lose some of it, or even all of it, which makes this stat increase unreliable, further agrevating the lack of consistency with her s3 revive(Miss crit = no revive, most of the time)

By changing her s2 to function the same way as regular Ravi's, she will get a weaker start in fights(since she starts with half of her bar she starts with 12.5% crit rate increase), but she would become far more consistent as the fight goes on. Also, this would actually punish people for hitting her(not that +5% crit rate per hit up to 25% is much of a punishment, but its something).

Alternatively, the increse in crit rate could be changed into a different stat increse. I only say it can't be crit rate because it is to binary a stat to have increase and decrease throughout the fight (either you crit or you don't, there's no middle ground).

Let me know if you disagree and for what reasons, I'd like to know how other people feel about this. 

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    2019.11.30 22:16 (UTC+0)

    They could make her Exclusive equipment later on that with less fighting spirit she got the more ( stats ) she gets, dont have her myself so cant say how often you have her on low spirit, but could see it being a cool feature

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    2019.12.01 02:15 (UTC+0)

    Disagree with that Exclusive equipment, but i like this post.

    the crit buff IS too binary and unreliable. I've built my A.ravi in a way that it is irrelevant, actually.


    I read this in a previous post some months back about how A.Ravi's s2 should be changed from crit up to def pen up. (<--- the only change I think A.ravi could use.) The numbers could remain the same or be lessened to 20% (max Elhya's) but this would be a more reliable offensive s2 buff that doesn't make building weird for A.ravi.

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    2019.12.01 21:47 (UTC+0)

    I see A. Ravi,, I love. She's my only ML5* --- the bright star that keep me away from not having one lol
    She's so underwhelmed, yes! her S2 should be buffed ---

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