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[Global] DontSettle Guild Recruiting Active Players

[DontSettle] - Rank Around 400 GW

Guild Level:  20
Server:         Global
Language:    English

Currently looking to bolster our group for guild wars, and upcoming new content! We accept all players types of players as long as you put in the work! We’re an easy going guild and we play to have fun but we also don’t settle until we get our waifu!

We have
- Active Discord
- Chill Group
- Tons of helpful people
- x5 GW Bonus
- Guild Buffs (24hrs)

We Want
- Activity Everyday (or post when you’ll be gone for longer) 

- Join our discord
- Willingness to improve
- Rank 60+
- Master+ in Arena
Interested? Contact @PiKaBoo#6912 for any questions, and/or an invite to our discord/guild!

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