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Agito (Global) Now Recruiting for Top 500 GW

Guild Name: Agito

Guild Lvl: 18

GW Rank: Currently around 300

Slots: 1-2 currently open

Agito is now recruiting! Currently looking for some more daily players to fill our roster and participate regularly in guild wars (Top 500 or so), world boss, etc, while trying to have fun and chilling with us on Discord. 


 - Nearly 24/7 buffs

 - Good entry point to upper level guild wars while still being casual

 - Active Discord with some knowledgeable players


 - 400k+ CP for defense teams, as 90% of our current players are above this mark even with healers/tanks

 - Decent rank in arena (Master 3 minimum, we ideally want people at Challenger 5 or higher though)

 - Daily logins (more flexible on this, guild war participation is only thing we track)

 - Regular 3x guild war participation

 - Daily 50k gold contribution

 - Join our discord server

 - Be nice, we aren't whales and don't hold ourselves to uber high standards. It's just a game.

If interested please shoot me a message on discord at Kringle#8740, and we go from there. Screenshots of a few of your main units will likely be requested. Thanks for reading.

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