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Dear Smilegate! [2]

I started playing in January, just before the Luna banner and always enjoyed the game. Probably one of the games I played the most. There were bad moments, good moments, suffered or was overjoyed with the rng, like probably many others. Always tried to be positive about the things, even if not everything worked out after pouring a lot of money in the game, but I cant help to feel disappointed after the latest update equipment conversion added.  There were some ideas about it before, now we have gotten it, unfortunately it was a disappointment. 

I understand it could have been something what we can use to get rid of our equipment what turned out bad during enchantment, but at the moment its just creates even more disappointment. 

You need to understand the sheer amount of resources and effort it consumes to get the materials, to fill the bar and after to lvl the gear you received if it turns out well, but at the moment its just creates trash out of trash or even worse out of something decent. We could blame rng all over and over again, but at a system what so expensive and time consuming to utilize I find it extremely disappointing and very stressing. 

So I sincerely  ask you to rework it. 

About the world boss, I dont know what to say honestly, there is many issues what could be pointed out, so I just take the simplest one. 

One hunt on 11 difficulty nets you 30-40k gold with selling the equip what you got and not satisfactory for 20 energy. 

World boss with this constant 6000 gold rewards from chests you could give 42k gold....  for 20 energy. 

I think its enough of an example. 

For the end I would like to share some of the equips i have gotten from conversion. Because I was very eager to try the feature I used some of my equipment of my units to try since i was low on charms. 

Should not have done it....  

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    2019.11.30 18:40 (UTC+0)

    Diche bless! A wholesome complaint written in a civilized manner. 

    I'll put in my two cents as well.

    Aside from gold Hunt11 also gives stigma, materials to craft gear and additional drop while WB can reward as miserably as with 24 gold and 10 common runes. There's too much rng. Not only 1 run is costly- 20 energy- we also need a vast and variable roster of well invested and built heroes to get highest score of SSS. Some of the rewards should be removed, namely, gold, common runes, rare catalysts and common charms.

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    2019.12.01 07:04 (UTC+0)

    I mean dat boots says it all. Period. 

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