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last two patches killing the game

like *** srsly, first with stupid unlogic pet system with more rng, also never saw worse auto battle system in game in my whole life lol. Now stupid equip conversion, whats idea behind this? Like i sure can afford to make +15 85 lvl item with **** stats just to craft another one with RANDOM stats. World boss rewards are really laughable, got better reward with A rank than SSS, because stupid RANDOM. New pvp HIT set is laughable. Black Friday? how u can call this black friday ??? its really scam. For *** sake, if u smilegate want to milk us, then why *** did u not make skystones/packs with black friday discount, so everyone can buy it ??? Like i really like the game in basic, but this is to much for me, every fcking patch killing game more and more. Players are main key in this game, and u guys only **** with us lol. Even game rating drop in play store ...

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