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any progress? [12]

  • Redoremi29
  • 2019.11.30 11:43 (UTC+0)
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Epic seven rating downed to 3.9 but dev arent responding to our input yet?

Phew...dissapointed...mildly...but you can do better than this Devs team...come on

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    2019.11.30 12:10 (UTC+0)

    The new update came like 2-3 days ago. There has to be a gathering of feedback in order for SG to consider them and think a plan on how to come back to us with improvements. Until then be patient, please.

    Maybe they will reveal everything at the live stream, maybe before - but personally if they make the livestream and not mention it then I might go to the play store and rate it to 1 Star just to wake them up. But to be honest? It's too early to downvote the game, they are humans too and can't pop out with a message out of nothing and promise everything better - and if they did, it would be worse for us, the community.. because if they promise out of thin air then we can't trust anything what they say. I trust them to do the right thing when they sit together at the table and come up with a plan and then tell us what they will do.

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    2019.11.30 12:23 (UTC+0)

    The first step for the dev is for them to play their own game. It’s tiring to complain every time a new system is introduced  but when the person who design the system doesn’t play the game the system they implemented are bound to be hot garbage simply because the don’t realize the problem with the game and the solution they provide turn into more problem.

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    2019.11.30 12:48 (UTC+0)

    Lets make it 2.9 prob they gonna listen.

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    2019.11.30 13:31 (UTC+0)

    I think the best we can do now is calm down and waiting.  I really angry after I try the new systems too.

    I think we already comments or suggest many things now and I think SC/SG already noticed and read it.

    As @Neverworld comment, They need time to meeting and planning before they can release any words.  If they said they will fix everything in our comments and they can't do it when time come.  It will be worse and many people will rage again.  Not all comments or suggestions are good or must do.  So they need time to think.

    For me, I will waiting until next patch note day.  I'm sure SC/SG will come up with something and try to solve problems (at least few).  I still believe in them and hope they do.

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    2019.11.30 17:33 (UTC+0)

    Remember to change the rating once they fix gear conversion.

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