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The Boss Raid so Far. [5]

So far Did my 2 battles and my buddy with his guild did there 2 battles and we noticed that the while it is random we got more gold than any item on the list given, now i know im not to crazy but has that been happening with y'all? 6 boxes and over 50% of them wasted on gold twice seems a little i don't know dumb to me.

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    2019.11.29 16:52 (UTC+0)

    I did my 2 battles as well
    First one become SS rating - all I've got was 4x6k gold + 5 small runes
    Second one become B rating - and guess what... I've got 4x5k gold + 5 small runes
    So the difference between SS and B only in 1k gold.  Just LOL

    And this rewards by itself...ughh I have no words.
    This is freaking ridiculous, I've never seen trash content like this before. All the ****** things in other games do not compare to the last epic7 updates.
    Changed rating on market to 1 star already.

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    2019.11.29 18:17 (UTC+0)

    SS: 4x6k gold + 2 lvl 70 equips

    A: 2x5,5k gold + 2x small runes + lvl 70 equip

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    2019.11.29 18:35 (UTC+0)

    Wait... Am I the only lucky one here?

    First run I got 1 x 10 Dust

    Second run still got 1 x 10 Dust

    Ohh ****** content is still ****** content. Doesn't change the fact.

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    2019.11.29 18:39 (UTC+0)

    First Run: SSS - Runes, Dust and one lvl 70 Equipment.
    Second Run: SS - Runes, Penguin and one lvl 80 Equipment (Funny thing is it has ATK %, DEF %, ATK FLAT and DEF FLAT )

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    2019.11.29 23:14 (UTC+0)

    content that takes 5 months to make and takes <10s to finish.

    talk about waste of time and resources.

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