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  • Talsin[foxsin097]
  • 2019.11.23 00:52 (UTC+0)
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I've been playing the game for 8 months now, i just want to give my opinion about the game

Basically the game is a grind simulator and while i usually don't have issues with that, in this game i don't feel rewarded for all the grind i'm doing, and i'm not talking about having enough craft materials or having luck on rolling gears or whatever. 

I'm talking about real endgame content where you can compete with other players, show off your team building skills (or just your luck in gear crafting) and earn interesting rewards. Alright there's pvp, there's arena and guild wars. That's it. 

The arena meta is stale (basar everywhere right now), and while it changes sometimes it still is really slow. 

That's another issue i have with the game, it's really slow and repetitive once you approach end game. 

And that is reinforced with the lack of proper auto and repeat battle system (i mean who likes to do hunts all day every day ? is that supposed to be fun ? just let us speed it up or auto it idk).

Also it'd be so much better if we could fine tune the AI in our teams, be it for pvp or pve. What i mean is let us disable the use of selected skills on auto not just all or nothing, and choose priority order of the skills (for exemple, i'd like that my luluca use her s3 during my hunts runs, but i disable her skills because otherwise she just spams her s2 that is useless for my runs). Tuning AI in pvp would also make defenses less predicable and more fun in my opinion.

Finally, I wish they made more competitive pve content, with true rewards, that does not become yet another weekly chore. 

I'd like some server scale competition (that lasts 1 week per months for exemple) where you have to make the best score on some event stage, and you get real rewards (like exclusive Skins or Skystones or Artifacts or whatever) based on your score (yeah i know it does sound like the hall of trial thing, and i was really excited for that before i realized it was just another layer of grind).

Thanks for reading.

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    2019.11.23 01:50 (UTC+0)

    I can totally get behind AI control,  but this presents two problems:

    one - redesigning the 'battle' part of the game from a programming and display perspective. how detailed should AI be?  like the Mystery of Fortune game series?  how do you present this feature in an accessible way?

    two - hero combinations with s2's going off before s3's or AI saving heals for 40% hp instead of 80% hp might create some extremely imbalanced/difficult to beat defense comps.

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    2019.11.23 03:02 (UTC+0)

    The main issue I see is the lack of balance in the PvP heros pool and a lack of  cooperative PvP content. 

    I seem to use the exact group of PvP heros in all of the PvP content, not so much because the are super amazing but because everyone else is so bad.

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    2019.11.23 05:22 (UTC+0)

    The story campaign is one of the best. After you've beaten the game then that's it. 

    You just have to finish daily quests, and pvp. The good thing is that they put weekly side stories. 

    For PVP, they said they will make it real-time in the future....

    Yup, the game is about grinding, enormous time consuming game and repetitive style. 

    I am just spending a 10-30 minutes per day and sometimes I do enjoy the game again.

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    2019.11.23 19:25 (UTC+0)

    Herp derp it’s a gacha game, deal with it herp derp or leave. This game is always right and never do wrong herp derp XD

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    2019.11.24 16:31 (UTC+0)

    Unfortunately almost all gacha games are like this: low drop rate, farming forever, feel like doing chore form time to time. They make a new game, get people hooked up, then get them to spend money, a few years later people start to get bored, they make another new game. The circle of life. No game will last forever. 

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