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[ASIA] Xenoverse is recruiting active GvG Super Saiyans [1]

Hello Hiers,

Our guild Xenoverse is looking for new members, who are ready to participate actively in guild wars!
We are a casual guild started just 2 months back by a group of Challenger friends passionate in growing stronger together in Epic Seven.
Feel free to join the equipment or hero build discussions with our guild members in #gear-up-zone of our Discord channel. Don't be shy, we are friendly :)
Please join us in our journey to become a stronger and stable Glorious Guardian guild!

Server: Asia
Level: 13
Current members: 22
Guild War League: Honorable Wildcard (x4) to Glorious Guardian (x5)
Additional perks: 24/7 guild buffs, Discord channel for guild war strategies and discussions

- Active player with Rank 58 or higher, preferably Master V in PVP arena
- Active participation in guild wars (Used all 3 attempts, best effort)
- Contribute in guild donation and aids
- Preferably to join Discord channel for easier communication
- No toxic behaviors allowed (which was the reason we started our own guild)

Please note that we will be removing members from the guild for:
- Missing consecutive guild wars without advance notice
- Last login more than 3 days without advance notice

Looking forward to meet you! :)

P.S. As a big Dragon Ball fan, our guild leader is looking forward to you joining us to be the strongest Super Saiyans on this planet and win us the Tournament of Power.

The guild is open for new members.
For any additional info, PM us on Discord:

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    2019.12.02 19:27 (UTC+0)

    Hi Kurpponnn

    I'm acting gm of xLegion(Asia) looking for a guild merge. We have 2 dozen active guild members although only half actively participate in gws. Due to various reasons some members and I will become more casual with the game. I want to keep them together and before any decline in guild activity I would like to offer any of my guildies whom wish to join you a spot before they all go their separate ways.

    Thank you


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