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Banshee 11 issues [2]

I've been doing banshee runs non stop and I've noticed two oddities: 

-first when the mistys are defeated and my Angelica is up next her turn will be skipped entirely sending her back to the top of the turn order: often meaning that the team doesn't get the immunity they need.

-second: when Vivian uses s2 to kill mistys and banshee returns she doesn't get to use her s2 again. It cancels that ability. 

Are these known and intentional, or bugs? Thanks for looking into it for me! And thanks for the great game!

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    2019.11.20 06:25 (UTC+0)

    that's how the game work. i see no bug here

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    2019.11.20 14:07 (UTC+0)

    @1000threroll, it is a bug because it is not described in the stage's descriptions nor in skill descriptions.

    A turn is lost, not taken. It's a bug.

    @whatsupworld, this has been reported before, but SG doesn't give a damn.

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