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All I want for Christmas is ML Ken [2]

Dear Smilegates Claus,

For this years one and only wishlist. I wish to be bless by the heavenly demonic, Moonlight Ken. I know Christmas is a month away, but as an early global player that has been here for quite some time now. I only ask for a character, I so longingly wish to attain. I was lucky enough to pull a ML Bal & Sezan, but it was after the ML 5 * recall system ended. I am only writing this post for laugh and giggles because I know that you guys can't rig the chances. But as a thank you for making this amazing game from me to you. I gift you with the next potential skin idea. ; D

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    2019.11.21 05:30 (UTC+0)

    Let's hope that rngesus will hear your prayers.

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    2019.11.21 18:05 (UTC+0)

    I got a Christmas present for everyone

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