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  • 2019.11.18 16:45 (UTC+0)
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It's 5 hours past weekly reset and everything that needs to be done for the week is almost done

  • Did my normal Raid (tomorrow second, on Thursday the third and last)
  • Did my two hell raids
  • Did the shopping weekly chore (charms, buying weekly stuff from shops)
  • Finished the guild missions
  • Did the three Hall of Trials
  • Finished my Guild war

Now back to Hunt grinding. Wake me up in 19 hours for daily reset for half hour dailies, then again hunts.

At least this week has an interesting banner, so summoning (yay), plus gearing Basar will make an interesting Thursday, then downfall until next Monday etc

The game is 99% grind of a specific content (hunts). All the rest occupy too little time for an established player. This is totally unbalanced. It needs some major addressing. 

HoT was a nice addition but eventually its 3 more fights per week, that is 20 mins of gameplay. We need more content that is not gated (except of course the almighty energy).

And I am not talking about W12, that will simply replace W11, give us more powercreep that will be expanded towards all PVP places. I am talking about new content that will not replace anything but have its own value

3 Suggestions:

  1. Raids (equivalent to Summoners War) that will give us gear enhancements. Eg. change a substat of a gear, increase its value etc. we will be able to craft our amazing gear with enough patience. Make this area end game, no need for a mid game player to make a good gear even better, he should work on Hunts a bit more
  2. Give us that damn RTA already, don't gate it, but make it like Arena, I want more PVP options, right now we have 1 gates (guild wars) and only 1 free.
  3. Give us a new hybrid PVP/PVE environment where we can test teams against other teams (system predefined and/or user predefined, maybe even using bosses). Let us test our offensive and defensive teams, work new compositions etc. In this content give experience to used heroes, which will slightly boost their stats. Give 50 tickets per day to play with.

I am sure many people will come up with smarter ideas than mine. I only hope the Devs direct their efforts on new diverse content soon.

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