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Some Humble suggestions [1]

Please consider my suggestions as i have put a lot of thought into it.
*Make auto repeat accessible within battle, so that we can let our pets handel the run when something comes up irl

*Provide a summary of the run drops at the end of a auto session (after x number of runs we get)

*Make the Home Made snack an additional drop in Hunt

*And make pet food a daily item that can be bought or pet can gain exp per hr at the pet house that is on display.

*we should be able to sort by % of a substat from highest to lowest in the gear management screen after we have selected the gear type(chest ,helm boot), set(crit,lifesteal) and main stat.

*Make pet adoption tickets available in secret shop for about 1,20,000 gold and make Nehequi sell them cause he is the one who sells fodder Which no one buys(probably)

*make the Pet synthesis more consistent, it fails almost every time. 

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    2019.11.18 22:38 (UTC+0)

    Man.. I wouldn't mind pet adoption ticket as additional drop in hunt instead of things like powder, 5 skystones etc.

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