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Please give us more end game pve content! [12]

I've finished all abyss floors within 2 months after start, F2P btw. Just give us some challenging content with good rewards instead of auto-afk hunts and towers once a month, pff! Maybe some new bosses in hell raid? i've the current 2 on farm, but kinda boring of facerolling them every week. There was also rumor about hard mode tower, but we have yet to see any news info about it :/ pepega devs!

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    2019.11.18 15:37 (UTC+0)

    "f2p btw"

    Cool troll account.

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    2019.11.18 19:37 (UTC+0)

    It does not count if you buy an endgame account 2 months ago and started playing that one and then actually cleared abyss 90 and then calling that F2P since you havent dumped a dollar into the actual cash shop and by the read of your account name "gamingaccnr1", weird enough, but what do I care!

    On topic, a lot of people cry away about releasing more hell raid bosses, more pve content, more maintenances with bonus ml 5* afterwards and stuff, but why the hell are there several who think of opening a new topic every single darn time for it makes them do content faster? Jeeeez I am waiting for more pve content aswell, but I wont make a topic every 3 days about it >.>

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