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Oh please make some change on Heroes Tab [2]

First, I cant count how many heroes I have maxed level cap when farming, 

Why cant you guy make Heroes tab as simple as equipment tab? Why scrolling each one mode :'( 

It isn't creative, it is annoying 

Secondly, why you make adventure mode have multi condition quest but you don't make multi sort system, I was almost crazy when finding a fire mage hero which i haven't max level cap in doing adventure mode or side quest... 

Oh please SG, please hear your pitiful little fan. Your game is awesome, but which hardest thing in this game is not fighting with end game boss, it is fighting with your annoying, hopeless, and so fuking ***** heroes sorting system. 

Sorry if i was overreacted, and my poor English too, but I am so tired begging for new sorting system and I believe that many player have the same wish. 

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    2019.11.18 10:47 (UTC+0)

    I disagree. I've never heard anyone speak about the hero tab poorly. If it was like equipment none of the UI would fit. Also, you can sort by element if you're looking for a certain element hero. This is, to me, is not an issue that needs resolved. Smilegate changed the position of one button and everybody freaked out because the change messed up their muscle memory.

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    작성자 2019.11.18 12:44 (UTC+0)

    As I see, at least 3 topic complain about heroes filter option from last week, and I believe this is a big issue. 

    In my opinion, Heroes tab in this game is extremely unfriendly with people, even with it can sort by Element, it cant make player find their heroes fast because it is single filter and player have to scroll each by each, and they can miss and have to keep looking again. 

    I had experienced many of Gacha game before, and I just switch from Onmioji to E7 after 2 years played. No of them made so many annoying to me when finding heroes as E7 did. That why I feel so bad when got trouble with this heroes tab. I think E7 has a lot of thing should be learned from other. 

    At least, add more option when sorting heroes, such as 3* 4* 5* heroes, Job-filter. Or multi-filter just like 3*-mage-fire heroes is the best, and I will never complain more. Please, make life easier, not suffer  

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