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Koi [ASIA] is recruiting members for Guild wars ~!

  • Zemmie
  • 2019.11.17 09:52 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 135

Guild Name : Koi

Guild level : 18

Server : Asia

Rankings : 300+  (Glorious guardian x5 Rewards )  

< Koi > is a casual guild that's recruiting for more guild members that are active & friendly .

The guild currently has 27/30 members and we can easily push for higher ranks if we have more active members to do guild wars.But all we want to do is just maintain our current rankings which is around rank ~300 . 

Requirements :


・Rank 60+

・Master V and above ( Negotiable if your rank is lower ) 

・Use all guild war tokens

・Discord Mandatory ( will send an invite once you join )

Benefits :

・24/7 guild buffs

・Daily 50 energy supply 

・Minimum 3 mystic summons per week 

・Chill & easy going people in discord

Goals : 

・have fun playing the game together.

Hit me up on discord [ Zemmie#2541 ] if you're interested in joining us ! I assure you won't be disappointed  . (=^・ω・^)y=

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