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Audio disappearing/Summoning Stuck Bug

As the title says, the audio pretty much disappear after playing around 10 minutes. While i can still play after that, i'd like to play with sounds if possible. There's also the thing if i got the bug and i summon a new hero i can't get past the summoning screen of that Hero, seems like the game needs to play the Hero's voiceline in order to continue summoning or leaving the summoning screen so i got stuck until closing and opening e7 again. Just to clarify if i summon when i don't have this issue of audio i can summon normally, that's why i think it has something to do with the audio bug which causes other issues like summoning.

There's also the fact that i can't download a patch without closing and opening multiple times, since the game close itself everytime i try to download a patch, while i can get around this by opening the app multiple times until it downloads all the patch, i don't know if this could be the reason why i have audio issues by not downloading correctly some data or something like that and that's why i also adress this problem.

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