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The State of the Game and How to Fix it [12]

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  • 2019.11.15 16:08 (UTC+0)
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I posted this in the suggestions forum but suspect it may be more relevant here...

I almost never write these things because they often go unnoticed or by the wayside, or they are simply ignored by the devs. Being silent, however, gets you nothing, and having been a consistent dolphin in gacha games over many many years, I feel it's a shame to see a game with such potential seeing top guilds like Ambition disband so early into its lifespan. That the most hardcore guild in the game (on global) broke up tells you that the grind is too tedious, even by gaming standards set by ex-US developers. I present the following suggestions to the primary issues as I see them then as a way to balance the game without taking away the "grindy" feel that SC / SG clearly want this title to have:

1) Equipment / Gold

  1. Fact-the majority of non-whales are consistently running low on gold. I get it-you want us to farm hunt over and over. Fine. But, in the rare event that I get a few pieces of worthwhile gear, it shouldn't take me a week of grinding and my entire gold stash to +15 them. Pet system will help modestly (bonuses are still a bit of a joke and the time to max affinity is outrageous) but is not a fix.
  2. Equipment crafting is too costly while equipment sales recoup too little of the money spent.
  3. Everyone hates flat stats.
  4. Getting specific gear is nearly impossible. Consolidating more gear for one specific set type is NOT A FIX AND JUST COSTS MORE GOLD.
  5. 50k to **** out one piece of +15 gear? Really?
  6. Equipment manager is a nice improvement but not a full solution.
  7. There is no place to consistently get new, better gear other than getting extremely lucky in hunt or spending $$$.


  1. Increase gold drop by 10% across the board. We shouldn't need special GM buffs to replenish. I'll discuss pet bonuses later.
  2. Reduce crafting costs by 10-20% and increase gold from selling by the same.
  3. I'm actually OK with flat stats on certain pieces of gear. However, reducing the chance of rolling flat stats would be a welcome change if you're not eliminating them. 
  4. In conjunction with the above and in answer to issue 4)., A great fix would be the following: change the% chance of rolling certain stats depending on how the gear rolls initially and what set it is. It's bad enough when my perfect sub-stat boots roll flat attack but it's equally depressing when my epic attack set boots roll% defense. At least increase the chance that relevant stats roll with the right gear. It's less likely I need crit damage, crit chance and% attack on my health / defense set chest. In addition, if you're going to implement a new way to craft set-specific gear (it really should just be a 10% up-charge at the forge), at least give me the chance to get the stats I want on that gear by combining pieces that have the same sub-stat (eg.
  5. I'd cut these numbers in half, but knowing you won't do that, at least drop it to the 30-40k range. Incentivize everyone to try new gear combos outside of free unequip events.
  6. Give me an all equipment button and allow me to sort by sub-stats (eg. I want to know which gear has the most speed on it out of all my gear, regardless of type or set).
  7. I know hell raid completion is coming (probably) soon but right now there's literally no guaranteed way to improve my gear other than pure luck. The main-story AP items are a nice touch but other than hell raid tokens and arena gear I have no consistent access to improving items. I don't even know what the solution is here besides more content or a new shop (sorry, buying gear packs as the only solution will ultimately foster resentment, brand you as purely P2W and shrink your player base).

Pet system

  1. You really need me paying attention to click chests when I already have the game on auto?
  2. Why on earth are snacks replacing other drops, which are hard enough to get? Snack drops **** too.
  3. Pet bonuses are too low even when maxed, and maxing them is both too costly and will take forever unless you have infinite gold, stigma and can constantly synthesize.
  4. Needing pets to be the same generation to synthesize is ridiculous-all you're doing is trying to prevent someone with 1 million stigma from having a gen 20 max pet tomorrow. Guess what, they're going to figure out how to do that anyway.


  1. You've heard it enough-let my pet pick up chests and pee on statues without my oversight / the game on auto-repeat.
  2. This was the worst part of the pet system, in my view. Chests, which already **** enough (more on that later), end-bosses and the exclusion of hunt now make drops of snacks both a nice surprise because I can stop focusing on the game for a run but I missed out on something else I probably really needed (like those awesome lvl 44 boots we keep getting in adventure .......). SNACKS NEED TO BE A SEPARATE CURRENCY THAT HAS A REASONABLE% DROP UPON ANY STAGE COMPLETION   IN ADDITION    TO WHATEVER CRAP I WOULD NORMALLY GET (/ end rage). If I farm for a week, I should have hundreds of snacks. I don't care if you make it so that I run out of snacks faster than I replenish them-I'm fine with you forcing me to actually play a decent amount; the balance is just atrocious and the implementation is poorly thought through.
  3. I'm OK with the fact that pets cost a bunch of money to level-no one other than whales should wake up with perfect pet skills overnight. That being said, 300 stigma once per day to get 20 affinity ?? 1    Toy once per week for silver transmit stones ?? Come on people. And all of that for a 1.5-4% increase in skill level when FULLY maxed ?? You can kill 2 birds with one stone by letting us double pet skills more easily, which would alleviate equipment enhance and sell cost issues.
  4. I either needed to guess how pet changes would take place or not have strong pets early on to anticipate needing to merge my S-level skills right away. Don't make me grind out a 3rd S-level pet to Gen 4 just to add it to my current pet that has two S level skills and one D level. If I spent the time and effort to get one to Gen 4, maybe I can't synthesize it with a Gen 1, but how about a Gen 2 or 3 (can synthesize pets at half the current generation of the higher gen pet or up to 1 gen below the current higher gen pet). It's hard enough to get S-level skills, harder yet to raise those pets and nearly impossible to get 1 good combination over any reasonable period of time, forgetting the fact that I'll probably need 3-4 top quality pets to capture all of the benefits I want (you really should get 1 skill for each generation).

Adventure / Hunt

  1. Energy, Powder of Knowledge and low-level equipment (plus snacks) should NEVER drop from chests or be considered valuable loot from higher-end content.
  2. The variance in gold gained is ridiculous. 
  3. Getting specific gear to drop is impossible, especially with the variance in ilvl and rarity.
  4. What is the point of goblin portals in normal adventure mode if all they drop is crap?


  1. I know energy and powder have been de-emphasized in hunt but so should anything other than high-end loot. In adventure, I get enough trash drops farming catalysts that I'd rather something else come out of chests.
  2. This shouldn't be a guessing game to see how much I'll make per run. Why do I also get 8k gold sometimes and 20k gold other times from hell level chests ?? Decide on gold / energy amounts, vary them by difficulty if you want (eg. Makes more sense to farm normal for exp, hell mode for gold) and be done with it.
  3. With the addition of hunt 11, I figured it would be easier to at least have a CHANCE to see steady gear improvement. If the average player gets 1 piece a week that rolls even half decently, I'd be surprised. Increase the chance of l11 hunt for ilvl 85 gear or give us hunt 12 already. Also, increase the% chance of higher item rarity rolling higher ilvl. Getting good ilvl70 epic gear is depressing.
  4. I think this one is self-explanatory. I mean, who doesn't love epic lvl44 helms? Put 50k gold or 5 snacks in those portal chests. At least you got it right on the side-story with bonus event currency ...

Odds and Ends-Suggestions:

  1. ML pity system. You did it for mystic medals, you can do it for galaxy bookmarks. Promise me I'll get a 5 * ML summon without whaling over the next 3-6 months. Give me a shot to at least get 1 of the required end-game 5 * arena units to compete with the whale's SSS A. Vildred.
  2. Significantly improve item quality in the secret shop and cut the prices by 25%.
  3. Launch new content faster-the game has come to a screeching halt. Other games have new trials and maps fairly consistently. A new adventure map doesn't cut it and we haven't even finished the lab yet, forgetting hell raid ...
  4. Add more breath of orbis to the game-let us actually get the full sanctuary benefit.
  5. 1 unknown slate per season is silly. Whales will get all the imprints they need anyway. Give us a chance to at least improve 5 * imprints on a more consistent basis, especially with the new ego fragment. Speaking of which ...
  6. Everything seems to cost transmit stones now. Give us more (3 for completing a side-story is a joke).
  7. Artifacts are still incredibly costly and difficult to max out. Powder shop is a good start but the whole system needs work to be more casual-friendly.
  8. Offer more promotional, mid-tier bundles. $ 9.99- $ 49.99 that actually are BETTER than buying the standard bundles. Don't just cycle through the same crap each month.

To be fair, we've seen a lot of improvements to the game lately, especially with regards to Molagoras. However, it feels like people are becoming quickly disenchanted with what I believe is one of the best gacha titles out there right now (I quit FFBE after having all the units and most of the top gear because it was too casual-centric and the devs made several huge community mistakes). This game still has a ton of potential with all the content expansion and the launch of RTA (worried that will be a grindy time-sink though), along with some of the best artwork (glad to see we're scaling back down with recent character designs on the ... ahem ... overly top-heavy nature of prior launches). I don't know if the devs or anyone will take the time to read it, but if you do and you agree,


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    2019.11.16 04:55 (UTC+0)

    There's alot of very good ideas in this. Very detailed information.  Personally I love the ML pity system idea....I'm kinda tired of getting nat 3* of someone that's already  SSS. Maybe subtract  said character from the summon pool if you have one at SSS? Also, very true about the gold, gold for almost everything,  and we dont get much from spending the little energy we have.

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    2019.11.16 06:50 (UTC+0)

    Very well written! 👍

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    2019.11.16 08:05 (UTC+0)

    Totally agree on all the points above, especially with the hunt to either release lvl 12 or to just remove the tedious drops from it, so many people waste countless amounts of leif and skystones to farm the dragon 24/7 and get literally 0 out of it :|

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    2019.11.16 15:53 (UTC+0)

    Very nice suggestions i like all of them, finally someone who actually knows what they talk about.

    Unfortunately none of these will be implemented because of the following reason:

    Almost all of these problems can be solved by spending $$$ or whaling. These are not problems that are there because the developers did not know how to balance properly they are there so the developers can sell you the solution and thus make money off of you.

    Also i would say that the game has gotten a lot of improvements but most of them were either bait and switch (*cough* *cough* Pet System *cough* *cough*) or failed to make any meaningful impact (molagora is still only 3 per week and 3* characters now need a billion stigma to max their skills) and to this we add the fact that all these so called improvements is how it should have been from the beginning and it amounts to nothing.

    Oh well play till the game goes under then on to the next i guess :/ .

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    2019.11.16 21:08 (UTC+0)

    Man, I just really hope a dev hears these words you just wrote,I hate to be on end game as we call it and be forever broke and none energy... I love the game but im tired of having no gold and energy

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    2019.11.17 02:25 (UTC+0)

    Lots of good points but I want to point out 2 things.

    Gold issue

    There are 2 groups of people I notice. One that never have enough gold and another that have too much gold (non whales included). I believe this come down to resource management and spending them wisely. Is like how ppl save bookmark for pity or don't simply fodder an unused 5* hero. A game with PVP I think is good to reward players that understand the system well and get the edge over others that made poor spending decision. 

    Pet leveling system

    You have to remember that once you get your desire pet to Level 4 with the S skills you want, you don't have to do it again. This is why the journey to level 4 and getting the right S skill is hard. Also for people that want it quickly will cost them a lot of gold coz they need a lot of dupes and pet food r limited per week. Patient players will get it cheaper but takes a lot longer time. This is also related to how player manage their gold wisely or being broke. 

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    2019.11.17 04:03 (UTC+0)

    Well now i know why E7 Drop to 4th place in gacha revenue.

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    2019.11.17 15:08 (UTC+0)

    What  games are on top 1-2-3?

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    2019.11.17 21:09 (UTC+0)

    They need to also work on their customer support because they are trash. Idk how many times I inquired about a connection issue and told them its not my phone but their game, they just stopped replying. GM Aerin can **** my ****

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    2019.11.17 22:19 (UTC+0)

    It's not about the cash shop they don't care as i said many times over.

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    2020.11.09 05:27 (UTC+0)

    they're never gonna fix it let's be real all dev have some "yandere dev blood" in them and e7 dev is no exception.Adding pointless feature while avoiding fixing the actual game

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