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Pet System : Allowing Heirs to Choose [6]

There will always be taste and preference. Some like to wake up early, others like to wake up late. Some people like coffee others find it disgusting. Some Heirs like the pet system, other Heirs hate it. Some Heirs like homemade snacks to drop from Hunts, Adventure and Side Story, others Heirs want snacks removed entirely.

We will have to agree to disagree.

However the Devs have decided on a one size fits all solution.

At first they have allowed snacks to drop from Hunts while reducing energy drop rate in half. Later they reverted the change due to some Heirs expressing their preference.

What if the Devs implemented an option to enable/disable snack drops from hunts, adventure and side story instead?

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    2019.11.14 23:58 (UTC+0)

    That's a good idea but will be Extremely difficult to implement in the games coding. 

    Personally I wish I could sell my snacks to the people who want it, sitting on 200 that I have no need for.

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    2019.11.15 00:48 (UTC+0)

    At least they should have made the snack can be sold for some gold.

    I don't need any snack and want some gold instead to buy more pet adoption ticket.

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    2019.11.15 01:08 (UTC+0)

    I'm happy to see more people that would rather have a different use for snacks. I'll never use auto battle so I'm accumulating a large amount of snacks. Trading them for pet enhancing material, currency or adoption tickets would be great.

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    2019.11.15 13:31 (UTC+0)

    I'm treating snacks like skystones where I will only use those when the time comes.

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    작성자 2019.11.15 20:02 (UTC+0)

    @Avi55 There’s already a system in place to disable snack drops for players prior to unlocking pets. The Devs can make it an option instead.

    Update 11/7 (Thu) Update Content (Edited)

    “Homemade Snack Drop Changes: Players will not receive receive Homemade Snacks during Adventure, in the Side Story and Treasure Chest prior to unlocking Pets.”

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    작성자 2019.11.17 20:57 (UTC+0)

    @MikHailYui yes, since auto-looting is free as long as you cancel before the next battle starts, I save a lot of snacks.

    The only time I use snacks is during the buff events where it gives you more gold and exp.

    1. Free up inventory.

    2. Put 4/5 star unit(s) that need to level.

    3. Load up 500+ stamina.

    4. Enable auto-loot/auto-repeat.

    5. Check back in about 1-2 hours time.

    6. Sell the crap gears, change to another 4/5 star unit that needs to level.

    6. Do it again

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