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Abyss 86 crushing in the end [1]

Please fix this bug. I have tried to clear abyss on bluestack, iphone, ipad, all crash at the very end, tried 5 times all failed, my team has no poison unit nor artifact. I searched online, it looks like this problem has been reported 8 months ago, and still no sign on fixing it. It is very scary it has been 8 months with zero action from dev. It sounds like dev completely ditch this group of players having abyss crushing issue

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    2019.11.14 19:51 (UTC+0)

    welcome to the club bud ive been stuck on that floor since the day they came out. The only thing that u maybe haven't tried that might work going into the setting of the game and making it high quality mode, it hasn't worked for me but i have heard reports that it works for some people.  

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