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Melissa rework pls

So about Melissa okay i know she has high attack stat , dual attack and all but there are many other character who can perform the kill better than her right now and beside for vampire without any blood related skill is kinda stupid. So i think it would be better if smile make some changed regarding her kit to make it fit her lore better. Also adding more mechanic into the game would make the game less repetitive and the strategy would be more varied.

For example

Adding a revenge mechanic (cus she is all about that revenging stuff) on her S2 which make no sense being an active skill with immortal buff. People obviously will have to S3 into S2 for that immortal but the soul burn is on the S1.

S2: Manifestation ( should be changed into passive)

Trigger upon death, attack the enemy and if she kill the target (or the one afflicted with curse) heal an amount equal to target  health (sum of both target health if both are kill)  at that moment and gain immortal for one turn

but she will be death if fail to kill the target

Also this skill will occur to extra and counter attack as long as the attack kill her and the target of her revenge attack will be the one deal the final hit on her.

S2(Awakened): steal all buffs that her enemies has on when she kill them (both the target and the cursed one)

This will fit her lore as she did try to steal Haste power.

Take the awakened from S3 and just give the extra attack upon critical hit on normal S3. 

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