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Fix those pet synthesis odds please >.>

This is not a suggestion about anything snack-related since I dont really care much for this feature as of now.

First of I am really happy that several changes were made to the max inherited skills of a pet, at least the odds arent beyond ridiculous to actually get an SSS pet done eventually.

Now another thing that annoys me though is the odds of failing a synthesis to advance to the next generation. Sure its not as painful if you fail the first one or the second one, but failing an attempt from the 3rd to the 4th generation, that costs a crapton of pets to get there.

I actually failed 3 times in a row, burned 4,5k skystones just like that to get back to it. Now I am not complaining about how many stones that cost me since I decided on my own to use some (just wanted that SSS hunt so badly), but I think the odds should really get fixed.

I dont expect a 100% synthesis chance since that would make stuff too easy, but a pity or anything like that would be much appreciated, cause I wasted 4,5k skystones to get 1!!!!!!! of the 2 pets to the 4th generation to get an actual shot to an SSS pet.

Now with the actual chance to get a pet to SSS we need to get 2 pets first to the 4th generation to be able to inherit the last S skill to one pet. Again, the idea is fine since we are able to get a maxed out SSS pet, but you need to do a crapton of synthesis to get it done and failing so at the 4th gen is literally like i kick between the legs, a failed synthesis to the 3rd gen is way less harmful but still annoying as hell...

Another suggestion related to this, why is there no free pet summon daily, I mean honestly, a f2p player will probably never get a SSS done before 2021 except insanely luck or a huge amount of gold wasting.

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