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Contents and more contents for end game players!

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  • 2019.11.09 22:48 (UTC+0)
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Hello SG,

Been playing this game since launch in global and I can't stop playing it. Suggestions though. 

1. Can you make some changes in the Inventory where-in you can sort artifacts by class? Would be easier to locate artifacts that way. Very confusing with the current one. 

2. Also in Side story, when it warns you about inventory is full, after you've sold the items and you push back you come all the way back to the bar and you need to go back again.

3. Replay in PvP. That would be awesome.

4. For Hunt, make some adjustments please where-in it only drops level 85 gears on all 11th stages. I don't care if make adjustments with the quality of items being dropped for as long as it's all level 85 and then so on going down the stages. 70 gears on 9 and 10 and so on.

5. Can you make some adjustments on PvP like a weekly bonus/disadvantage on certain charaters/elements. similar to like in "Hall of Trials". That would be fun.

6. Enhancement Charm dungeon would be nice. 5 times per day or unlimited it's up to you. Monday "Weapon charm", Tuesday "Helmet charm", Wed "Armor charm", Thu "Neck charm", Fri "Ring Charm", Sat "Boot charm" and sunday all open.

Game is good but not perfect. I understand that y'all trying your best to give us enjoyable content but it's already long over due. End game players feel like it's a daily chore. No good content for endgame players to keep them hook up with the game which I think started everything for you guys. Earning money is understandable but keeping players is another.

Thanks and more power!

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