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Guild Recruitment

[Global] Marianas recruiting active players/guild merge 3-6 spots.

Guild Recruitment 

Guild Name: Marianas

Region/Server: Global

Level: 18

Rank: average top 500 ( hover around 300-600 and peak top 100)

Spots Open: 3-7 available

Description: Active casual but competitive guild looking to fill-in open slots with new active members. The core members of the guild are a group of friend in real life and friends that met through discord who progressed in the game together since game launch. Our main focus right now is maintaining a consistent Guildwars participation. We're currently looking for Rank level 65(or close) active players who can immediately contribute in GW to join our ranks. Will consider recruits below rank level 65 if you’re highly active, close to the stats that we are looking for, progress weekly, have a decent lvl 60 roster and is able to participate and provide immediate contribute in guildwars on a consistent basis. Joining members under 65 will be subject to a 2 weeks performance evaluation.

!!Also If you guild is dead and you and your friends are looking for a new home we welcome you. I can free up to 6 spots for you and your friends. contact me via discord (Sidepyne#1529)


- Active (no longer 5day of absence with out a notice)

- Rank 65 (with some consideration)

-Daily Guild check-in (when able)

- Participation in Guildwars (3x atk and try for a draw)

- minimum 350k+ combined war defense(or close)

- Challenger Arena Rank

- Weekly guild quest


- Weekly Guildwars Participation

- Glorious Guardian multiplier in GW

- Daily Guild Buffs

- Catalyst and Gem trades

- General in-game Tips and Guide

- Active ingame guild chat

- Optional Discord for chat and guides (recommended)

 To Apply: Apply to the Guild in-game and comment or private message me your IGN in Reddit or via discord (Sidepyne#1529). If you don't send your IGN you may not be accepted right away. If the guild is full and still interested PM me here or on discord to check if we can free up some space.

Thank you

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