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This should be removed....!

I know that this could have been discussed before but having 15%(something that people say dont know if it is really 15%)to resist any debuff passively is not good idea, because we already have a way to resist any debuff by incrementing the effect resistance or by evading the attack(just some characters attacks like dizzy s3 could not be resisted by evading and artifacts with debuff something that i think is another bad idea), so i always kept thinking why implement those stats of effectiveness and effect resistance, if there is already a way of resisting a debuff by that 15% that im talking about or by the missing chance of the majority of them(example:75% chance to sleep), if they wanted to have a missing chance on the debuffs plus a 15% chance of resisting it passively(something that would help with  the 100% chance debuff), then it wasnt neccesary the implementation of those 2 stats(eff. and eff. res.), we need this problem solved soon in my opinion.

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