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Suggestions on making the game better [2]

  • Kaiisr02
  • 2019.11.09 03:13 (UTC+0)
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Make promoting easier for 4 and 5 stars by making 3  or 4 star Phantasm more available in store, and have 3 star mob monsters drop in Adventure for a low chance. Or have the Spirit Well like Penguins where there's a very small chance for it to breed 3 and 4 star. 

Get rid of pet snacks or make them available in store. I know games like Brave Frontier that allows for auto repeat at no cost except energy and it's the best this way. Also, you can't adjust how many times to repeat auto. 

ML Crozet has low atk already so to make him better I suggest making his S3 grant him an extra turn or buff his stats overall

Melissa's S2 should grant immortality for more than 1 turn because based on her position, she won't always be attacked, extra turn/dual attack can dispel her one turn, healers don't heal her in time, if her speed is low, enemies kill her before she can be immortal, and she's not always faced with enemies who can one shot her easily on the first few turns. To use it right, one has to manually play and predict when to use S2 right to use her full S1 potential. Either grant longer buff durations or make it like Kayron's S2 where immortality is only granted when needed. 

S3's curse should be able to affect Elites and Bosses for a low chance. It should be an AOE attack and randomly curse an unit, on auto, the team attacks the same enemy (most of the time) or aoe attacks kill the enemy before it gets a chance to be used, making her debuff useless on weak mobs. 

Increase 5 star memory imprint stats as it's already super hard to summon the same 5* unit 

in the first place. 

Lower sigma requirment to increase pet affinity or make toys more available to buy/drop. 

Lower energy requirements for hunt and Spirit Altar or increase the drops for materials and runes. The reward/drops are so steep that it doesn't match the energy put into it. 

Equipment costs too much to remove, to upgrade, and to craft weapons. It would be interesting if equipments can level up or increase grade through synthesizing same pieces of equipment. 

In the future, the option to change voice actor languages to Japan would be nice. 

Making Alchemist Steeple able to craft charms indefinitely and not once a week as it requires lots of equipment just to make 1-3 charms which doesn't provide much leveling and making it very expensive to upgrade quickly. 

Catalysts should have a higher drop rate. Especially when there's gonna be many units to awaken for exclusive equipment. 

I know the game isn't meant to be easy, but it should make grinding more enjoyable by having a steady rate of gratification. 

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  • images
    2019.11.10 03:51 (UTC+0)

    Snacks really need to go. I'm tired of seeing this after clearing a stage.

  • images
    2019.11.10 09:33 (UTC+0)

    I personally love snacks

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