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Guild Recruitment

2ch [GLOBAL] is recruiting

Guild name: 2ch
Server: Global
Lvl: 16
Member: 22/28
Type: Semi-Competitive
Rank: Glorious Guardian [x5 rewards], #500-#800ish

- Pretty chill guild but are very active in guild wars, consider joining us if guild wars is one of your priority in the game :D
- 24/7 Gold Exp Buff

- Participation in Guild War is a MUST (use all 3 tokens)
- Challenger arena rank, decent defense team
-  Join our discord chat (for easier communication during guild wars)
- Active players, daily check ins
- Runes aid only on weekdays


if interested please contact Dia#8203 or kurisu#4870 on discord and say hi, we can continue from there

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