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ML Cecilia adjustment for season 3 Arena [8]

Please lower her provoke chance. 100% chance to provoke is way too OP, make it max 90%

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    2019.11.08 05:45 (UTC+0)

    I don’t see any problem with her kit at all, She is a tank with average damage and a well balanced kit. 100% chance doesn’t mean it will hit 100%, reduce that with effect resistance or use immunity set if you really hate her.

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    2019.11.08 15:41 (UTC+0)

    Now days everething is 85% hit chance and crit chance

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    2019.11.09 02:41 (UTC+0)

    I can easily cleave ML ceci team with the right comp, especially with current basar meta, honestly I don’t see any issue. Just like how people cry alot about ML Ara asking for a nerf, and now you don’t even see her at all in champ + arena. 

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    2019.11.09 10:07 (UTC+0)

    Pff...there is no problems with ML Cecil. She is balanced and there are many ways to resist or ignore her taunt- like Angelica's immunity buff, light bait with decent resistance and so on... Also Lilias can taunt for 2 turns with 100% sooooo... 

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    2019.11.12 03:08 (UTC+0)

    Stop crying, crybaby 

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    2019.11.13 21:33 (UTC+0)

    I use ML Rin to deal with ML Ceci.

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