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Spez the ultimate controversy [3]

So Spez, the light thief who either is never gonna satisfy you (Church of Spezlord) or just don’t care about him and used him for fodder (me)

Honestly, I think he is fine, a aoe stun at 45% decent and was actually good for the 4 months I had him. Penetrate and execution on s3 and stun on s1

So stop posting about him unless you have a serious issue game wise (bugs and glitches) 

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    2019.11.07 21:53 (UTC+0)

    Quality shitpost. How about you stop posting along with the ones who cry about Spez? Posts like these aren't any less obnoxious.

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    2019.11.08 04:18 (UTC+0)

    Nobody cares ... NOBODY. but you can try this trash on reddit maybe you get a B1te from the weebs there.

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    2019.11.08 06:56 (UTC+0)

    So - you foddered your Spez and you used him for only 4 months.

    Great, so you have no right to say anything in that matters because there are people here who have him as a rare ML unit and can't properly use him because in comparison he is weak, only useable in very niche situations and you cannot rely on his stun as it is RNG - yet you need to have an enemy stunned in order to execute it. He is unusable in PvE in any content and why the f would someone give Spez a 50/50 chance to stun, when PvP is dominated by immunity, invincibility and speed meta. I want a 50/50 chance for Fallen Cecilia to provoke or 50/50 chance for ML Aramintha to stun even tho their CORE THEME is not relying on a provoke or stun unlike Spez. Spez needs a new shift in his kit or better chances in my opinion. And I have him (At SS). I can talk, you can't and lost your "privilege" when you chose to discard him. Your opinion doesn't weigh in anymore, you are not stuck with him not able to use him.

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