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In game Mail (Inbox and GM Mail) [2]

It would be nice if Inbox and GM Mail tab become one.

I almost lost gift from GM, 22 Hours left just because I didn't check them.

or if it's can't be done, it would be nice if there's number on untaken reward left from that tab.

in example:

Inbox (10) GM (5) Log (0)

Why I propose this? Because I save up daily Energy and Guild Energy on Inbox to be used on Weekend, It's quite many that I didn't realize the number added up with GM's mail.  and as always, I thank you for your hardwork and attention to this game.

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    2019.11.07 17:04 (UTC+0)

    I would suggest that they indicate a number beside the Inbox and GM Mail for the gifts sent.

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    2019.11.09 01:10 (UTC+0)

    Agreed! I often "discover" items in GM mail just before they expire because I always forget to check that tab. I am pretty sure I've lost items that I don't even know.

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