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Regarding Pet Compensation feels underwhelming [1]

  • RANK66
  • Hanoko
  • 2019.11.07 13:22 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 249

So with recent changes, now you can keep 2 skills at 2* instead of 1 and that seems like huge same can be said about 4*. Problem is many of us say if they got S rank most likely already have invested some and RNG their way through and prob have ruined their pet because you can only keep 1 skill at 2 star previously (Not to mention so many pets used as fodders). Say if you had not used/saved those 2 S ranks, you can guarantee 2 S ranks with currently changed system. This is a major change and imho, best compensation would have been refund the 1st week purchase completely or at least 50% of purchase cost refunded (both gold/skystone) either in currency or adoption ticket.

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