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Two bugs with the unit Blaze Dingo. [1]

1. The S2 skill critical that procs the S1 will be a random target instead of the selected enemy.

This is bad especially in hell raid when fighting karkanis since BDingo will waste his S1 on the unkillable trash monsters instead of damaging the boss after using his S2.

2. Exclusive Equipment for punishment does not proc on a second target if the target is full health. Debuffs will not be removed. Consider making it dispel a debuff regardless of HP level on an ally.

The equipment also fails to dispel a debuff if Blaze Dingo misses due to a hit chance debuff when the equipment should dispel debuffs on himself no matter about critical.

This is sub optimal compared to the other other exclusive equipments that give defense up or greater attack buff.

Blaze dingo is a moonlight unit that not meta and has less utility than 3 star specialty change units like Angelic Mont. The only utility he brings is medium damage and a few minor buffs. None of which are nearly as useful as simply bringing any other unit with those same buffs but more utility.

I have many other options for units and don't need BDingo in any capacity but I like his design and would like him to be more useful because I'd rather use units I "like" rather than simply crushing everything with a meta team.

Thanks you for your time, have a great day.

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    2019.11.07 07:46 (UTC+0)

    Couldn't agree more. I hate the random targeting, annoys the hell out of me.. this is the only reason why I don't use him in Hall of Trials where he shines the best in my opinion since you need heal but also damage for the score.

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