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Idea to 'maybe' improve pet system [2]

I know, I know. Tons of people already made a rant post about this problem already. However, this is not a rant post, im just simply thinking some idea that might work for the pet system.

changes as follow:

1. Make the repeat an passive option if player wanted to without using the snack, or, make it so that player will get 50-100 repeat a daily without using a snack but after those daily repeats are used, they can no longer auto unless they spent 15 skystones / 10 extra repeat for a maximum of 100 times a day. Also make it so that 500 friendship point= 2 extra auto repeat, 10 times a week .

2. Slightly decrease drop rate of the snack but make it so that it doubles, or 1.5x when player manually farming (when auto option is off or something) and that snacks are not mandatory for auto repeat, but rather it reduce energy cost by half or double the gold and give extra chance for better loot ( crafting materials, purple charm or even epic equipments and bookmarks) when auto repeating

3. make snacks are buy-able items with 3 green transmit stones for 1 snack, up to 2 times a day. or 300 friendship points for 1 snacks, 5 times a week.

4. reduce auto repeat countdown from 5 to 3

5. Slightly increase friendship point earn by helping or fighting with a helper. Also make it that the friendship point that player receive as a helper will increase base on how many helper they set up to be used ( up to x2).

6. make it that even without auto repeat mode, pet interaction should be tie to auto skill option, or better yet, let player decide when their pet can interact with statues, chests and goblin's room/ chaos gate ( i hate it when i auto and then let the chaos gate slip so i have to the whole stage again after clearing it)

I feel like with these changes, it would make the pet system and the grind involve more tempting without impacting too much about the grind enjoyability. Also it help making the friendship system a bit more relevant and encouraging. with this changes, i also make it that the more you grind, the better loot you get to help u with auto farm, which helps you farm even more without making this game an afk game. it also solften the damage auto repeat do to the energy system that we player are craving for:))) Sorry for my bad English and lack of punctuation. I hope that everyone who's reading this post will get their desired waifu/husbando within 2 weeks. Goodbye from down under:))


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