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[Update] 11/7 (Thu) Update Content (Edited) [229]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.11.06 13:03 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 175240

Hello Heirs,
This is GM Dominiel!

A new Hero has appeared in the world of Orbis! 

Melissa’s bloody vengeance begins after being betrayed by her lover. Meet her in the Drop Rate Up event and the Side Story, Hatred Blooms Red.

1. Japan Server Launch – Celebration Gift
■ Availability 

11/7 (Thu) after the update ~ 11/13 (Wed) 14:59 UTC

■ Applicable Players

This gift will be distributed to all Heirs. (Korea/Global/Asia/Europe Servers)

- Players on the Japan server will not receive this gift but will only receive the pre-registration rewards.

■ Celebration Gift

1,000 Skystones

※ Please Note                                          

- The gift will be distributed to your mailbox once after you log in to the game. (Storage period: 07 days)  

2. New Hero – Melissa 

A Vampire betrayed by her lover, crossing the ocean to take her revenge!

She will do anything for revenge, no matter how difficult or brutal. 

■ Melissa

[Hero Introduction]

[Skill Introduction]

※(Edited) Melissa's Might Skill at +4 enhancement level was written wrong in the first Updated Content

 - +5% effect chance → +10% effect chance

3. New Artifact - Bloody Rose 

The Artifact, Bloody Rose, can be utilized by Mages who require additional Effectiveness.

■ Bloody Rose

4. Melissa & Bloody Rose Drop Rate Up 

Meet Melissa, the Fire-elemental Mage who attacks the enemy with a Curse and the Mage exclusive Artifact, Bloody Rose, which increases effectiveness on a single attack in this Drop Rate Up event! 

■ Schedule

11/7 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 11/21 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

5. Side Story - Hatred Blooms Red 

Melissa, a Vampire who dreams of revenge after losing everything. She fell in love with a Vampire she met at a ball and soon became a Vampire herself. She was enraged to discover her love had betrayed her. Though he had since died, that won't stop her exacting her revenge on his son. 

■ Schedule 

11/7 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 11/21 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

How to Enter

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Side Story]. 

How to Play 

‘Hatred Blooms Red’ is a 2 week Side Story. Players will need to clear certain stages, complete various reputations and quests, and collect special Side Story currency which can be exchanged for other items!  

* When playing through the side story region, urgent missions in the adventure region may occur.         

* Players will be able to obtain 2★ monsters and catalysts from regions in the side story. Please check ‘region information.’ 

[Event Currency]



[Melissa's Emergency Supplies ]

A glass bottle filled with blood that Melissa carries with her at all times. 

She uses it as an emergency snack when she cannot hunt.

[Enhanced Heroes]

The following Heroes will receive benefits when used in ‘Hatred Blooms Red’.



Attack, Health, Defense – 50% Increase 


[Stage Difficulty]

- Stages [4. Gentle Breeze Woods] and [10. Crimson Dusk Forest] are comprised of various difficulty levels that players can select. 

- Players may select a higher difficulty after successfully clearing the one before it.  

- Higher difficulty stages require more energy to enter but provide a greater amount of event currency. 


Energy Consumed

Event Currency Obtained












[Stage Entry Conditions]

Stage Name

Entry Condition

 Pale Sunset Plains

 Faded Footprints Meadow

 Clear the previous stage and complete the quest, Frenzied Desire.

 Fallen Glory Ruins

 Clear the previous stage and complete the quest, Hunger.

 Gentle Breeze Woods - Easy

 Clear the previous stage and complete the quest, Stranger in a Strange Land.

 Gentle Breeze Woods - Normal

 Clear the stage ‘Gentle Breeze Woods – Easy’

 Gentle Breeze Woods – Hard

 Clear the stage ‘Gentle Breeze Woods – Normal’

 Gentle Breeze Woods – Hell

 Clear the stage ‘Gentle Breeze Woods – Hard’

 Dry Soil Trail

 Clear the stage ‘Gentle Breeze Woods - Easy‘ and complete the quest, Blood of Betrayal and the reputation, Suspicious Supplies 1.

 Wind Shade Hill

 Clear the previous stage and complete the quest, Plan in Motion.

 Ruins of Light and Shadow

 Clear the previous stage and complete the quest, A Heartless Boy.

 Shattered Shadow Valley

 Clear the previous stage and complete the quest, Mask of Kindness.

 Blood-Stained Trail

 Clear the previous stage and complete the quest, Clumsy Compassion.

 Crimson Dusk Forest - Easy

 Clear the previous stage and complete the quest, Bloody Revenge.

 Crimson Dusk Forest – Normal

 Clear the stage ‘Crimson Dusk Forest – Easy’

 Crimson Dusk Forest – Hard

 Clear the stage ‘Crimson Dusk Forest – Normal’

 Crimson Dusk Forest – Hell

 Clear the stage ‘Crimson Dusk Forest –Hard’

[Stage Missions]

- Within this Side Story, there are four stages (Stage 1, 4, 7 and 10) with 3 missions that can be cleared, which, upon completion, will provide players with Skystones as a reward. 

Mission Type



Mission 1 

Initial Clear

Skystone x5 

Mission 2

Have 1 Fire Hero in the Team 

Skystone x5 

Mission 3

Have 1 Mage in the Team 

Skystone x5 

[Region Reward]

Mission Stage



Mission 1

Obtain 3 Stars from the current region

Gold x50,000

Mission 2

Obtain 6 Stars from the current region

Melissa's Emergency Supplies x90

Mission 3

Obtain 12 Stars from the current region

Skystone x30

■ Rewards


Quest Name


Completion Reward

Frenzied Desire

Gold x30,000

4★ Artifact Ticket


Stigma x50

Stranger in a Strange Land

Skystone x15

Blood of Betrayal

Covenant Bookmarks x5

Plan in Motion

Leif x1

A Heartless Boy

2★ Fire Helmet Penguin x1

Mask of Kindness

2★ Frost Chain Penguin x1

Clumsy Compassion

2★ Forest Cloud Penguin x1

Bloody Revenge

Giga-Phantasma x1

Treachery Born of Treachery

Epic Catalyst Chest x1 


Reputation Name


A Journey of Revenge 1

Leif x1

A Journey of Revenge 2

Leif x1

A Journey of Revenge 3

Leif x1

A Journey of Revenge 4

Leif x1

A Journey of Revenge 5

Leif x1

Suspicious Supplies 1

Gold x30,000

Suspicious Supplies 2

Gold x 50,000

Suspicious Supplies 3

Epic Catalyst Chest x1

Suspicious Supplies 4

Skystone x15

Suspicious Supplies 5

Skystone x20

Hunting 1

Silver Transmit Stone x1

Hunting 2

Silver Transmit Stone x1

Hunting 3

Silver Transmit Stone x1

A Cycle of Betrayal and Hate

Skystone x50

Unsatisfied Vengeance

Covenant Bookmarks x10

All Reputation Clear Reward

Silver Transmit Stone x3


Players will be able to exchange the event currency, Melissa's Emergency Supplies for items in the exchange. Players can obtain this currency by clearing battles in the Side Story. 

- Players will be able to exchange event currency for items up to one week after the Side Story ends. 





Melissa's Emergency Supplies

Blazing Soul



Ultra Fang



Twisted Fang



MolaGora Seed






Epic Flame Rune x1



Greater Flame Rune x3



Flame Rune x10



Covenant Bookmarks x5



3★ Fire Spirit Penguin



Greater Artifact Charm



Lesser Artifact Charm



Gold x2,500



Gold x25,000



6. Pet System Improvements & Bug Fixes 

■ Synthesize Pets System Improvements 

- In order to minimize the burden of raising Pets, the number of skills that can be inherited during pet synthesis will be changed as follows: 





Skill Added





Max. No. of Skills





No. of Inherited Skills (Before)





No. of Inherited Skills (After)





[Compensation Information]

Due to improvements to Pet Synthesis, players will be compensated. Please see below for more detailed information.

Compensation (Applicable Players)


Distribution Date

① Heirs that play Epic Seven (Everyone)

Pet Adoption Tickets x5 + Toy x1

 + Handmade Snacks x10

11/7 (Thu) after the update ~ 11/13(Wed) 14:59 UTC

② Heirs who have used two 4th Generation Pets as Synthesis material. (4th Generation Pet + 4th Generation Pet)

(Prior to the update on 11/7)

Compensation will be sent for each Synthesis attempt

Pet Adoption Ticket x10 + Quality Food x5


(Compensation will be delivered once the data has been verified)

- Rewards will be delivered to your in-game mailbox.

- Please note that this compensation delivery may take some time due to the amount of data that needs to be checked. We will inform our Heirs about this in a separate notice.

Pet UI Improvements

- We believe that displaying Pet related UI prior to Account Rank 20 can cause confusion to our Heirs, therefore, Pet related content will not be displayed prior to unlocking Pets.

* Pet related UI in the lobby will not be displayed.

* Pet related UI will not be displayed in the Team Formation area.

* Pet related items will not be displayed.

* The Pet Journal will not be displayed

* The Pet tab in the Shop will not be displayed.

■ Handmade Snack Acquisition Change

- Players will no longer receive Handmade Snacks in Hunt.

  * From the 10/31 update, the probability of receiving Energy in Hunt was reduced by half, with the remaining half being allocated to the probability of receiving Handmade Snacks. However, receiving Handmade Snacks from Hunt did not meet the expectations of our Heirs for rewards received in this content, so Handmade Snacks will no longer be a droppable item. 

- In the Shop, there will be a new Pet category added in which Handmade Snacks will be sold.

100 Friendship Points will be able to purchase 1 Handmade Snack (Limit: 10 Per Week)

- Handmade Snack Drop Changes: Players will not receive Handmade Snacks during Adventure, in the Side Story and in Treasure Chests prior to unlocking Pets.

■ Bug Fixes

- An issue that caused the Equipment Enhance and Gold Consumed Decrease effect granted by Lobby type Pets to not be applied will be fixed.

- An issue where, where the number of Repeat Battles would be set to the maximum instead of the number inputted will be fixed.

- An issue where the amount of Catalysts gifts given was different from the Skill Tooltip for Lobby type Pets will be fixed.

- An issue where an additional Lesser Hunt Charms skill effect from Battle type Pets was not being applied will be fixed.

■ Rune Item Recollection 

- On 11/1 (Fri), an issue that caused players to obtain Runes when they clear a battle using a Pet that has a catalyst drop buff effect was fixed. The runes obtained cannot be used and will be recollected.  

- Rare Catalyst Chests equal to the number of runes recollected will be distributed to your mailbox. (Storage period: 7 days)
11/7 (Thu) after the update ~ 11/13(Wed) 14:59 UTC (Storage period: 7 days) 

7. Camping Voices & Other Fixes

■ Camping

- Camping voice lines have been added for all Heroes. Now, players will be able to hear the voice lines when they select a topic. 

 * Additionally, if you have the highest level of Friendship with a Hero, players can hear the camping lines using the Intimacy add-on. 

* Camping voice lines have not been added for collaboration heroes.

- Some camping lines for Leo, Nemunas, and Lidica will be adjusted. 

- Players will be able to hear Guardian Voices when they first receive them.
- Players will be able to hear Guardian Voices when they use them.

■ Other Fixes
Korean Voices:
An issue where Martial Artist Ken and Zeno’s voice lines were not working as intended will be fixed.
- Additionally, Martial Artist Ken’s voice will be re-recorded and distributed.

English Voices: An issue that caused Yufine’s skill voices to not work as intended will be fixed.

8. Additional Improvements 

- An issue that caused players to be redirected to the title screen when they select the ranking window in the Automaton Tower will be fixed. (Korea Server Only)
- An issue that caused Champion Zerato’s skill, Earthen Rage, to not transfer debuffs upon a counterattack will be fixed.

- (Added) The cut scene for Ravi's Skill 3 will have its quality improved.

Thank you.

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    2019.11.06 13:13 (UTC+0)

    BESTYes, they remove stick from hunt, but what about autoloot during non autorepeat run? This is the most important thing about Pet System.

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    2019.11.06 13:18 (UTC+0)

    BESTSo how about auto-loot when dont use auto-repeat? 

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    Yes I knew it I have enough for pity already thank you!

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    Thanks for listening to us about the pets smilegate! :)

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    Holy... Crap.. Melissa's animations. So amazing.... so amazing..

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    oh waow, who could have thought they actually listen and improve the system. waow what a surprise.

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      2019.11.06 13:17 (UTC+0)

      They didn't though....You'll only be able to get 10 snacks per week now.

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      2019.11.06 13:20 (UTC+0)

      STOVE91358065so being able to pick 2 skills for your pet at 2* compared to 1 is not an improvement? thanks for your feedback

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    2019.11.06 13:12 (UTC+0)

    Please return ML Ken old voice back. The new one is so distusting but i hope that you keep what you doing SG! Good Luckxd

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    2019.11.06 13:12 (UTC+0)

    Nice , finally friendship points have another use.

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    2019.11.06 13:13 (UTC+0)

    Yes, they remove stick from hunt, but what about autoloot during non autorepeat run? This is the most important thing about Pet System.

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    2019.11.06 13:14 (UTC+0)

    i can use my 50k fp now thank u sg and melissa is so cute aaaaa

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    2019.11.06 13:15 (UTC+0)

    Pls remove the limit on buying handmade snacks

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      2019.11.06 14:13 (UTC+0)

      If they remove the limit they might as well remove snacks as a whole because what's the point? I think they should increase the amount to 20 or 30 tho

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      2019.11.06 16:11 (UTC+0)

      OWLETNot exactly tho ... getting Friendship isn't all that easy either.

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    2019.11.06 13:18 (UTC+0)

    wow!!! Love you SG E7

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    2019.11.06 13:18 (UTC+0)

    I just wanna say how thoughtful you are devs ..you did not need to give us 1k skystones but you did anyway even tho this could hurt any money you bring in on this banner I must say well done devs keep up your amazing work 💞🦋

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    2019.11.06 13:18 (UTC+0)

    So how about auto-loot when dont use auto-repeat? 

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    2019.11.06 13:19 (UTC+0)
    Edit: yep,I readed that wrong, but new issue, about the 4th gen only compensation, a whale I knew who spent 12k$ saying that it's not even a portion of the spent as a compensation

    always, always, there will always be a trash decision mixed with the good ones, why can't you guys be competent once in a while?

    • images
      2019.11.06 13:39 (UTC+0)

      Prior to unlocking Pet system which means acc lvl less than 20 wun get pet sticks in story modes

    • images
      2019.11.06 14:00 (UTC+0)

      Dude, you will still get it. But only after reaching acc lvl 20 and unlocking pets.. u welcome

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      2019.11.06 14:29 (UTC+0)

      You quote it right but didn't read it to the end : "prior to unlocking Pets"...

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      STOVE90132089I'm sorry, I was really blind... nervous....

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      2019.11.06 13:46 (UTC+0)

      STOVE119533549Yeah just that teeny bit better...there are better solutions.

      Top suggestions not implemented:

      1) Make Auto loot chest n goblin gates active as long as battle pet equipped

      2) Remove the limit on homemade snacks purchase

      3) Make Pet fusion 100% success; 7× 2*+2* fusions just to make a 3* pet !? 

    • images
      2019.11.06 13:51 (UTC+0)

      STOVE119533549Yeah well, you can farm snacks for snacks where your droprate won't sustain even your current consumption. I'm sure the Lords of Leif Hoarding are now safe and secure (though who likes people spamming E7's crap Energy system-discussing posts with their 'I got 53456364521345 Leifs' bullcrap anyway?).

      No, honestly, this snack and pet system should've been there for Hunts only, and it's now (barely) usable anywhere BUT Hunts. Bad design, to be perfectly honest, and most likely extremely limited usage for anyone that doesn't cough up the bucks.

      Personally, I don't care - my Hunts are 4-5min, my hand won't break pushing a button, so I don't use it. It's been a nice extra for farming the stupid currency in Sidestory though, where I can't be f***in' bothered to watch out for chests, and runs take long with Relationship farming and Dogwalking. But I don't think we need to cover for something that's clearly very, very badly executed.

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