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About Kawerik Vian [14]

I'll just like to take a moment to point this out. Don't be mistaken, I'm fully supportive of the Epic Seven Dev Team, but this is something that I feel quite strongly about. Can we just take a moment this appreciate this hero?

I'm pointing this out now because of the upcoming 5* Fire Mage - Melissa. Melissa at present has little to no significance in the main story and she's barely a renown character. Yet. she's being released as a 5*. However, Kawerik who is so brilliantly designed and has multiple key roles in the main story (Being part of the Archdemon War, mentioned in Charles' epilogue, closely related to Vivian) is just going to be a 4* Fire Mage.

I have to say that I find this decision to be a mistake. We have mages after mages being released for the past few months and there's no necessity to release another one so quickly at present. Instead of releasing Melissa as the 5* fire mage for the year, perhaps more effort can be put into making this hero a 5* quality Fire Mage?

Also, we've had multiple threads previously asking the Dev to release a 5* Normal Banner male hero for the longest time as the last one was ages ago. I know female heroes make more money for the Dev, but at some point, this game is nearing to fetishism with some of the designs that were churned out. Perhaps it'll be good to have a change and release a quality 5* male hero instead?

I'll just wrap up. Reading through previous comments, Kawerik seems to be an all time popular hero that is eagerly awaited by the community. I am certain that a lot of people will roll for him. I hope the Dev will take some time to reconsider his current design and make him instead, to be the 5* that the player base deserves!

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    2019.11.02 15:27 (UTC+0)

    I think they will have him as a connection hero, when the time is right ( main story ), also lets not forget that there is some strong 4 stars in this game, dont forget that ^^

    If they make him strong i think you rather want him easy to max out ( imprint ) than having him 5 star making it harder 

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    2019.11.02 15:30 (UTC+0)

    This is what I call quality suggestion. Devs please consider making him 5* mage.

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    2019.11.02 15:36 (UTC+0)

    @NayaYuri I think most of us would prefer him to be strong 5* rather than an average 4*like other recent 4*s.

    Khawazu is weak, barely used(I'm assuming he's used somehwere by someone as I've never seen anyone)

    Furous is average, only being used as def breaker in wyvern.

    Facts are the recent 4*s leave much to be desired while 5*s have proved to be very useful in numerous contents. 

    And let's take into account that Kawerik, as OP rightfully pointed out, is a very important hero in the main story. He appeared in Diene's ss, Episode's 2 prologue, animation of episode 2 etc. He should get his own side story.

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    2019.11.02 16:59 (UTC+0)

    Favoritism in a nutshell

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    2019.11.02 17:26 (UTC+0)


    I think what most of you prefer is a good character right? they could make him a 5 star and still being weak, dont think thats what you guys want, and nothing say that making him a 5 star will make him stronger. ( all im saying is that wish for a good character rather then a 5 star )

    Also will agree with Khawazu but please dont put Furius in the bad category, he do alot for the team ( crit / defense down / ranger = target ) dont think any 5 star can do all three 

    If he should get a story or not i think is up to the devs rather then us, and i believe we will get everything from the main story regarding him

    Like that logic, but if thats the case why are Ras 3 star & Mercedes 4 star, and not both 5 stars with thier own side story and being one of the best units in game? lol 

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    2019.11.02 19:28 (UTC+0)

    Yeah I wish he was 5* for him being 4*

    It annoying and let’s be honest the ratio between waifu banner and husbando isn’t equal and like you said they make more money for female hero but at this point getting so sick of it the last new husbando was Charles already have lost interest in game I haven’t pulled since Charles banner everyone else been skip.

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    2019.11.02 22:00 (UTC+0)

    Te apoyo desconocido, por cierto eso de que será un héroe de conexión se lo sacaron de la manga y que por ende sería 4* pero nadie lo sabe a ciencia cierta, esperemos que sea un buen héroe, por otro lado yo si espero que sea base 5 estrellas, recuerden que una de las grandes diferencias entre un héroe 4* y uno 5* son sus estadísticas base, que el héroe 5* son mayores por ende se puede alcanzar un mayor CP. 

    PD: Grande Kawerik

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    작성자 2019.11.02 22:51 (UTC+0)

    @NayaYuri - I understand where you're coming from. But stats distribution wise, 5* units always have an advantage over the lower star units. There's definitely good 4* star heroes, but many of them are given poor emphasis and majority of the better heroes are 5*. Ras and Mercedes are a little different because they are given as free units at the very beginning of the game. It's just like Aither as well having his own personal animation on his S3. They are meant to be started to units, but not Kawerik.

    @Zienn and @Spidergirl94 - Definitely hoping that he gets the side story he deserves. There are so many plot holes that needs to be filled in for him, given that there were soooo many teasers from various points of the game as well. Hoping that bringing up sensible discussions like this will bring this to attention to the Dev team because they seem to listen to their fan base most of the time!

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    2019.11.03 00:15 (UTC+0)

    @NayaYuri As much I hate to repeat myself, all recent 4*s, Khawazu and Furious, are average at best. They're far from being as strong and useful as 5*s of episode 2. 

    Furiosu isn't bad but he isn't good either. I can't understand how can anyone bring up aoe crit chance as his perk when it's one of the worst aoe buffsYour tank doesnt benefit from it, your healer doesn't benefit from it and unless your other dps is built solely for w11 they shouldn't be dependant on having crit chance unless its part ff their own kit. No one uses him outside of w11.

    Also, you're being either dishonest or ignorant, Ras is a starter hero and Mercedes is given to us via mial before we even reach rank 10. How can you compare them to him?

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    2019.11.03 02:26 (UTC+0)

    @Aeyden, true that factor will always be a difference, and the imprint, but there is Maya but think its an unique case xD

    @Zienn All im saying is that you should wish for him to be good regardless of star, the only thing that is sure to be better is base stats and imprint percentage. But nothing that he will be in be a better character. If both then good, but if hes a average at best 5 star, it would be sad.

    Because it is one of his perks? if you only needed defense break there is other options, but if you wish to have that crit chance / defense break / target combo again hes the only one so i would call that a perk he has, if you dont think so, fine by me ^^

    What i compared with was the fact it sounded like 'Kawerik must be 5 star because he is an important character in the main story' so i threw in the fact that Ras and Mercedes should then be stronger as they are more "important" characters in the story, first time for me that main character been weak lol

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    2019.11.04 17:51 (UTC+0)

    @NayaYuri Naturally. But it's pretty obvious that 5*s get better treatment than 4*s. Khawazu and Furious, as I've already said, leave much to be desired. 

    You litterally didn't address any of my arguments why it's the worst aoe buff. AGAIN, it doesn't benefit your front line tank at all, it doesn't benefit your healer and the only one benefitting from it can be a dps that is solely built for w11. He's used mostly by new players who don't have better options. He's not much of a use in any other lategame content or even just content. If he had att buff or Cdmg buff at least he could be a decent dps. From what I've seen poeple only bother with spd and eff when building him.

    You completely mispresented my point. He's definietely as important as Luluca and Lilibet(who's also the main villian) and arguably more than Viv. Luluca had atrociously bad sidestory in which she did nothing but kill monsters in spirit world and Llibet's ss is one of the most hated. Kawerik's ss could do a lot better.

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    2019.11.04 23:27 (UTC+0)

    @Zienn Sure but that can be applied to 5 stars as well, hopefully ( and i really hope ) Kawerik get some good skill kit even if he will be a 4 star in the end, there is some goodies in the 4 star category and he have a cool design so, yeah really hope hes worth it either way

    Oh knew i forgot something, well here goes, same can be applied to attack and the rare crit damage buff then right? it dont really benefit your tank and healer ( most of them ) similar to how crit chance dont benefit them ( most of them ) it really depends what you trying to setup the team for, and against what, and of course the main thing what gear you have. But sure ill agree that he would be better if he had something extra, but EE might do that later on or not xD

    Yes i could have done that, but Kawerik we probably will see more of in the main story i believe, so not sure we need a side story in the first place, could be wrong, but think we will see him for a while. 

    If we gonna keep this up we need a chat xD

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    2019.11.05 17:59 (UTC+0)

    @Nayauri except I said "he could be a decent dps." i he had att buff and cit dmg I was obvisouly taling about self empowerement. If he had one of them he'd have better dmg poteential.  Self attbuff/critdmg&cirt chance is better than aoe cirt chance. Either way, he's faaar from being one of the best 4*s. 

    And I can't fathom how exactly you can say "not sure we need a side story in the first place" when Luluca's and Lilibet's side stories were utter rubbish that added nothing to their character development or main stroy. Luluca did nothing in her ss but kill monsters in spirit  realm and the moment she comes back to Rekos the ss ends. Did we need that ss? Kawerik has so much background to work on:

    before the war during mage experiments, during the archdemon war(with Diene!), shortly after the war when all mages were deemed disposable and he, possibly, met Straze. You obviously never took any of that into account.

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    2019.11.07 06:06 (UTC+0)

    @Zienn - will keep this reply shorter ( tried to xD ), feels like some meanings got lost in translation here. First part seems to be one of them, so i am sorry, but i will jump over it. 

    Because as far as i am concerned, his story in the MAIN STORY is not over yet, so why would he need a side story to fill gaps he might not even have after they are done with him in the main story? have a feeling we will see more of him and see his reasons in the main story. And who knows maybe what you wish to see in a side story is exactly what we will see. 

    edited : Not saying they cannot make a side story, just that hopefully we dont need one to get the full story, it will be similar with Straze later ( if we get him ) i rather wanna know that important stuff in the main story than a side story.

    Starting to feel sorry for the OP getting messages every other day to same post where just you and me having a discussion ^^

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