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I have a few 6☆ u think in the future they have an option to reset them back. [4]

? Any thoughts alot of ppl regret or have brenchwarmers, maybe it can like the recall option.

Plz no bad words or negative comments,  it was just a thought plz.

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    2019.10.30 21:23 (UTC+0)

    They seems to be against putting a reset/recall option into the game permanently, could see the reason behind it. So right now if you benched someone they probably will be until they buff them :)

    Do think thats also a reason why they keep on balancing molagora cost for us, just because we cant reset/recall them whenever we like. So guess we should take it as win/win? 

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    2019.10.30 22:04 (UTC+0)

    I wouldn't complain if they did. However, offering this as a feature really reduces the required time investment into the game, which is a staple of the Mobile Game genre.

    Investing in something then moving on to something else is a natural form of progression. If you used the hero to push forward you got your value out of those invested resources even if you never use the hero again.

    Good news though! They seem to be taking a distinct interest in buffing under utilized heroes. This obviously might take some time for your benchwarmers to get some love though. Maybe they will never be at the top of the meta, but they will become more usable.

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    2019.10.31 12:55 (UTC+0)

    To be clear, no one deserves a recall, unless that unit got modifed (nerfed or buffed).

    Since you've pulled for the unit intended or not and raised it, fully aware of its capabilities.

    Its like raising a child, then later decide to abandon it cause it turned out useless.

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    2019.11.02 17:24 (UTC+0)

    Honestly I wouldnt mind if they implemented a system equal to the awakening of sc heroes, like pay 500ss to revert all runes spent in the awaken-tree.

    So if you really wanted to recall a hero, you have to pay your price for investing resources in it in the first place :)

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