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Banshee Hunt 10 - N****n

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.10.31 02:31 (UTC+0)
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The following tips is to regard how I personally think is the most effective and safest way to secure your victory in Banshee Stage 10.

Banshee 10 is regarded as one of the hardest hunt stage due to the fighting phase.

Therefore it is important that you consider noting and following the tips and rules below:

1) Banshee Queen will summon Banshee Sisters when dealt with lethal damage that’s approximately every 35% HP taken from her, this will make you unable to target the Banshee Queen as you have to kill all 4 of the Banshee sisters, before she reappears. 

2) It is crucial that all 4 banshee sisters are killed before the Banshee Queens combat readiness reaches 100%, because if it reaches 100%, the Banshee Queen will reappear and inflict huge damage and curses everyone on your team, possibly leading to your defeat, this can be prevented if you manage to kill all the banshee sisters first, it is also important to note that if the light banshee(gloomyrain) dies first, all the other banshee sisters will automatically have their combat readiness to reach 100%. Players should build their team in regards of this.

3) Banshee Queen's attack will inflict poison debuff, but given if she attacks an ally whom already have been inflicted by poison debuff, she would recast her attack but targeting everyone instead, and inflicts poison debuffs on everyone, this makes it important that you bring along a reliable healer who is capable of providing immunity and debuff-cleansing, units such as Angelica, Diene and Angelic Montmorancy would be perfect to heal, cleanse as well as providing immunity for your team to avoid being inflicted with debuffs.

4) It is also crucial to build a team that both focuses on single target dps , and AOE(area of effect) damage dealers. This is to ensure that both Banshee Queen and Banshee sisters are easily defeated, though AOE units such as Vildred, Vivian, Clarissa, Bellona makes it far easier to defeat this stage as they inflict a lot of AOE damage, making it easier to defeat the banshee sisters phases quickly before Banshee Queen's combat readiness reaches 100%.

(An ideal team comp would consist of a healer, an AOE damage dealing unit, a semi dps/buffer unit, and another dps/AOE oriented unit.)

Finally, it is important to not get discouraged since Epic Seven consists of many reliable units despite their differences in being a natural 5 star, 4 star or 3 star units. With decent gears and a team comp, you would be spamming and farming Banshee stages in no time.

Good luck and happy Banshee hunting!

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