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Banshee Hunt 10 - Ja***e

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2019.10.31 02:31 (UTC+0)
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First things first!

Boss mechanics:

- Two targets normal attack with very high poison infliction rate.

- If Banshee hits any target inflicted with poison, she will do a moderate AOE damage and randomly inflicts a target with “Queen’s curse”.

- If Banshee hits a target with “Queen’s curse” she will do high AOE damage.

- Two HP check points (2/3 max HP and 1/3 max Hp).

- At each check point Banshee will separate into 4 Mistychains which each one does high single target damage and has very high chance to inflict poison to the target.

- Defeating all 4 Mistychains within the time limit (3 turns of Banshee’s) will cause her to transform back to Banshee and gain a turn. If failed to do so within the time limit she will transform back to Banshee and will do an extremely high AOE damage.

- Each time that Banshee separates into Mistychains, she will gain more defense and restores a portion of HP.

Counter strategies:


- Failing the hunt usually results from (1) target with Queen’s curse got hit, (2) failed to kill 4 Mistychains within the time limit.

- There is no hard-lock mechanism at each HP-checkpoint

Strategy 1: 
Slow but sure.


- Units with fast and continuous abnormal status cleanse (e.g. Montmorancy, Jecht, Wonderous vial of potion) or healers with immunity buff (e.g. Angelica)

- Dedicated damage dealers (including buff and debuffers) (remarkable notes: Vivian for the 3-turn immunity buff and the dedicated AOE damage, Bellona for AOE damage on the Mistychains)

This strategy relies on the cleanse or immunity to sustain Banshee’s attack and cleanse all the poison so that Banshee won’t ever use her high damage attacks. And needs DPS for Mistychains.

Strategy 2: 
 High-risk, High-return


- Great 1-turn single target damage (e.g. Baiken, Yufine)

- Reliable single target defense breaker (especially 2 turns break e.g. MLRose, Iseria)

- Attack buffer (e.g. Vivian, Charles)

- If needed, a dedicate healer with cleanse or immunity

This strategy is based on the “no hard-lock HP checkpoint” mechanic. Which allows us to 1-shot kill or break through multiple HP checkpoints of Banshee with a great damage dealer. Even if you can’t 1-shot her, you can try to break through both HP checkpoints which will let Banshee get her defensive buffs only once. After killing those Mistychains, you should be able to sustain her attack once and the kill her off in one turn, or else, she would be able to use her high-damage skills on you.

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